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The late Kevin Oduor in a past photo/FILE


Club Click murder was over a woman – family

The late Kevin Oduor in a past photo/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 11 – The family of Kevin Oduor who was allegedly shot dead by the owner of Club Click on Baricho Road in Nairobi has spoken out and believes he was killed over a woman.

His father Andrew Otieno said it is not possible the argument was over a lost mobile phone because his son was not a thief.

“My son was a young man and looking at the photograph of the bar owner, he is equally young. I am convinced the whole issue was about women,” he said.

Otieno said his son’s friends have told them he was just seated having a drink when bouncers and the club owner Jackson Maina Wangui walked and engaged him in a confrontation before they dragged him upstairs.

Once on the fourth floor, Oduor was shot in the head and died instantly.

Police were called in and disarmed Wangui and arrested him alongside the bouncer Joseph Kirero Sepi. Wangui is a licensed firearm holder but police have said that circumstances under which he shot him were not justified.

“One of the friends has said there is nothing to do with a mobile phone… my son must have been killed over a woman because I hear he was just dragged out and taken to the roof top where he was shot,” Otieno said when we traced him to his business premises on Luthuli Avenue.

Police have said they are looking for the friends who were drinking with Kevin when the commotion occurred, to record statements.

Oduor worked with his father and had been with him the whole day on Monday before he went to club.

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His brother Jackson Ochieng’ said he also does not believe the stolen mobile phone theory.

“There is no way my brother could have stolen a mobile phone. He was not a thief. The friends we have spoken to indicate the whole issue was about women. The issue needs to be investigated properly,” he said.

They said the late Oduor was a frequent patron at Club Click and had gone there with friends.

“He did not come back home that night and we thought he would come the following morning, we got worried when he failed to report to work the following day,” Ochieng said.

Later on Wednesday, he said he received a telephone call from one of the Oduor’s friends who informed him that something bad had happened to his brother but he did not give further details.

“A bouncer in the club who knows my brother also called me and said I should check the newspaper. He directed me to the specific page and when I looked at it I informed my father and we went to the Nyayo stadium police post where we were asked to go to Industrial Area police station,” he said. “But from the fears I developed after reading the story I just told my dad let me go to the city mortuary.”

Once at the morgue he was asked to check two bodies marked as unidentified under tags 1081 and 1082.

“When I was shown 1081, I did not need to look at the second one. I just saw my brother, his face was clear but he had an open wound at the back. I also recognized a short he was wearing,” Ochieng’ said.

A post-mortem on the body was conducted by the government pathologist Friday and the family is now arranging to transport the body back home for burial.

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The two men accused of killing Oduor were taken to court on Wednesday but they could not plead for murder after police asked to be given more time to carry out further investigations.

They are due back in court Tuesday to take a murder plea.


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