Carjackers shoot woman dead as husband watches

May 24, 2012 12:31 pm


Charity Mukiri was shot and killed by gangsters after a carjacking ordeal with her husband/ @ Mike Kariuki, Capital FM News
NAIROBI, Kenya, May 24 – Gangsters shot and killed a woman in full view of her husband after she failed to shut the door of their car when they were freed after a carjacking ordeal in Nairobi’s Kasarani neighbourhood.

A security guard who had been carjacked alongside the couple was also shot dead before the gunmen ran over the body with the stolen Range Rover.

The couple and two other people had been carjacked from Shelter Pride Apartments just next to Safari Park hotel on the Thika Superhighway and were robbed of money and other valuables before they were abandoned.

Geoffrey Moturi, the husband to Charity Mukiri who was shot by the carjackers told Capital FM News that they were abandoned at Lucky Summer Estate where his wife was shot.

“We had all cooperated with the thugs but they stopped the vehicle and asked us to alight. I think my wife panicked and she did not close the door,” Moturi who runs a property firm said.

“One thug shouted at her saying, you can’t even close the door? Then the one who was driving alighted and shot at her from behind. My wife just fell there as the gunmen sped off,” Moturi said, as he fought hard to control tears.

His wife – a mother of two – was a co-director at their property firm and also operated a boutique in Hurlingham.

On the way to Lucky Summer, the gunmen had stopped the vehicle at Ngomongo where they ordered the guard out, shot him and ran over his body.

The carjacking victims said the thugs had accused the guard of lying to them that he did not have a mobile phone, yet he had one.

“They kept telling the guard that he had been uncooperative with them. They got agitated when they discovered that he had a mobile phone. They then took it away and stopped the vehicle before they shot him,” Enock Omwenga a neighbour said.

The gangsters are then said to have ran over the body before they sped off to Lucky Summer where they abandoned the rest of the people in the vehicle, including the woman whom they shot.

“The gangster who was driving the vehicle was not stable on the road at all. They had only one pistol and they kept exchanging it with the thug who was seated behind. They harassed us a lot as they demanded that we surrender all we had but they were very particular with ATM’s and the PIN numbers which we all gave them,” Moturi said.

He said they were assisted by a motorcyclist who rushed his wife to a nearby clinic where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Friends and relatives on Thursday streamed to the couple’s house at Shelter Pride Apartments.

Tenants interviewed said the two gunmen had entered the compound at 7pm on Wednesday before they waylaid tenants as they parked their vehicles and bundled them in the Range Rover which they sped off with.

“I arrived at 9pm but I did not realise anything peculiar. I went upstairs but shortly after I received a call with someone asking me about the incident, so I went to Moturi’s house and indeed found they were not there, but I gather this incident occurred at 7pm,” a neighbour Omwenga said.

Capital FM News traced the guard’s wife to their home in Githurai 45 where she was struggling to comprehend what had happened.

“I was informed this morning. Someone came and knocked the door. In fact, I thought it was my husband and then he told me my husband had been killed and the body is at City mortuary,” Margret Achieng, 26, said.

She identified her husband as Johana Oduor Ogaya, the father of her three children aged between six and two.

Nairobi deputy provincial police Chief Moses Nyakwama told Capital FM News that no suspect had been arrested but the Range Rover was recovered Thursday in Dandora.

“We are looking for them,” he said.


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