At least 3 cars stolen in Nairobi weekly

May 20, 2012 10:36 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya. May 20 – Police in Nairobi record at least three cases of stolen vehicles every week.

The officer in charge of the Flying Squad in Nairobi Nyale Munga gave the figures after they arrested a suspect who illegally registered a stolen car using another person’s details.

The suspect who is in custody, allegedly registered the stolen car at the Kenya Revenue Authority using details of another vehicle.

Munga says the police have been following the case for the last six months after the affected owner reported that he could not register his purchased Toyota KBE 595H under his name, since the same car details had already been transferred to a third party.

“We received a report from a taxpayer that he had gone to KRA to have the vehicle changed into his name and he realised that there was actually somebody else who had changed that same vehicle, into another name and he believed that his car was genuine and the documents too. After verifying, we realised his vehicle was genuine because the chassis number and the engine had not been tampered with,” Munga said.

The police later discovered that the suspect had used the stolen car to take a loan from a bank, which Munga says helped the police to arrest him.

Speaking to the media, the victim, John Mundia blamed KRA as he does not understand how the suspect got the details of his vehicle and used them to register the fake car.

“This one has a genuine logbook, with the same numbers, but when you go to KRA, there is someone with the same logbook, but with a different name, and he is the one with this other car and the fault must be with KRA. I don’t know how the car was transferred into KRA system and it is a fake car. The engine numbers were put on that one to be the same as this one, but they are very different. That’s a 1500cc and this one is 1800cc.”

The suspect will soon be arraigned in court.

The police now warn Kenyans to be wary when buying vehicles due to increased fraud cases.


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