Raila leaves his fate to party NEC

April 4, 2012 10:24 am


Raila leaves his fate to party NEC/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 4 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga now says it’s up to the Orange Democratic Movement’s National Executive Committee to decide whether the party constitution will be amended to allow Musalia Mudavadi to oppose his bid for the presidency during ODM primaries.

Odinga who spoke on Citizen TV’s morning talk show said that he did not want to talk further about the issue since the party’s top brass was due to hold a meeting on Wednesday afternoon to decide on the controversial issue.

“It is a debate within the political party but I am not dictating,” Odinga said.

He said the debate within the party was a sign of maturity within the political party structures towards a bipartisan state.

The ODM leader however said he was ready to support his deputy if he emerged the winner in the primaries once the constitution is changed.

“We in ODM are working to unite the party; this contest is very healthy because it has created a lot of life within the party structure. People are talking all the time about ODM and we love it,” he said.

“My deputy is moving around (campaigning) and I am also moving around. Ultimately we will agree. If he is nominated I will be very happy.”

Mudavadi has been pushing for the repeal of the clause that stipulates that the party leader is the automatic presidential candidate in a general election.

At the same time, the premier who has declared interest in running for the presidential seat said he believes the race to State House will have only two main contenders despite the crowded field that currently exists.

He cited past experiences that has seen the evolution of the political landscape.

Odinga said: “Starting in 2002 when we had Narc and KANU at that time. When we came to 2007 we had ODM and PNU group on the other side and even this other time they will continue to talk and talk but eventually they are going to coalesce and we are going to have basically a two horse race the way I see it.”

“They can declare candidatures here and there but ultimately we will end up with a two horse race at most it will be a, three horse race,” stated the PM.

Odinga also asked his competitors in the G7 Alliance to declare how they got nominated to run for the presidency.

“I want them to tell Kenyans where and when they conducted their nominations before they start meddling in the affairs of other parties,” the Prime Minister said.

“Now, for example you see the others who went to Limuru are still searching for a political party on which to run, is it not ridiculous in a multiparty democracy that you choose a candidate before you choose a party. Hasn’t that struck anyone as being strange?” he posed.


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