Norway attacks trial hears tape of desperate emergency call

April 16, 2012 12:57 pm


Breivik cries as the Oslo court views his 12-minute propaganda film/AFP
OSLO, Apr 16 – An Oslo court on Monday heard a desperate call for help from a girl hiding in the bathroom of the cafe building on Norway’s Utoeya Island as Anders Behring Breivik shot her friends outside.

“Come quickly! … There’s shooting all the time,” the caller whispered desperately in her emergency call to police last July 22, according to a tape played to the court by prosecutor Svein Holden.

The girl, identified only as Renate, breathed heavily and several times spoke in an almost inaudible whisper, saying at one point the shooter was on his way towards her. Numerous shots could be heard in the background.

It was not known whether the girl survived Breivik’s rampage on the island, which left 69 people dead.

Before playing the tape, the court called a short break to allow people who did not wish to hear it leave the room, and several family members did so.

Norwegian public television NRK, which was broadcasting the proceedings live, cut the sound when the tape was played, and viewers could not hear the call.


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