MP accused of soliciting bribe to ‘drop’ question

April 19, 2012 3:27 pm


Drama began when Deputy Finance Minister Oburu Odinga that the MP had demanded Sh6.6 million/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya Apr 19- Mutito MP Kiema Kilonzo came under fire during Thursday’s parliamentary sittings after it was alleged that he solicited for a bribe to drop a question he had filed to ask in parliament.

Drama began when Deputy Finance Minister Oburu Odinga that the MP had demanded Sh6.6 million.
Before that, Gwassi MP John Mbadi challenged Kilonzo to declare his interest on the question and went on to state that it was not right for MPs to be approached by the corporate firms to ask questions in Parliament.

It is at this point that the Oburu said that people known to the MP had confessed to him of the claim.

“Mr Speaker it is true, that Honourable Kiema sent his brother and also somebody else to go and demand Sh6.6 million. And they have told me that he did that and was given sh300,000 and another sh200,000 given to another friend of his,” Oburu said:

Oburu says is ready to table evidence on his allegations by next Tuesday.

“This question was listed on the order paper just before we went on recess, the Honourable Member did not appear in this House, immediately the question was (by) passed the Honourable Member walked in at that time he had agreed with the company that he was going to be given money,” he said.

“How shall we be proceeding on questions if we to fear participating because there is allegation of money changing hands,” Gichugu MP Martha Karua.

Kilonzo wanted to know if the Treasury was aware that Mastermind Tobacco Limited has not been remitting taxes since 2007 and now owes the Kenya Revenue Authority more than Sh12 billion.

Kilonzo in turn claimed that the Treasury and the office of the Prime Minister were involved in protecting some multinational from remitting taxes.

“I want Mr Speaker to challenge, the minister today to substantiate where I received the money who I sent when it was because we cannot accept this big companies and multinationals not to pay billions when ordinary Kenyans are overburdened with taxes. They use ministers like this and his brother the Prime Minister to take money and refuse to come to say in Parliament.”

Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim directed Parliament’s Power and Privileges Committee to investigate the claim and report back to the House within two weeks.


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