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KANU Vice Chairman Gideon Moi with Sec Gen Nick Salat


KANU moving on without Kenyatta

KANU Vice Chairman Gideon Moi with Sec Gen Nick Salat

NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 13 – KANU says it is ready to move on without its chairman Uhuru Kenyatta who has indicated his eminent departure from Kenya’s independence party.

The party is set to hold a Special National Delegates Conference called by Secretary General Nick Salat without Kenyatta’s blessings during which it is to ratify the party Constitution and ensure compliance with the new Constitution and the Political Parties Act.

Salat said on Friday that the party was prepared to forge ahead without Kenyatta who on Thursday gave his strongest indication yet of his intention to quit the party.

“We would not have wished to proceed but we are ready. It is more important to look at the party not because of Uhuru Kenyatta, Nick Salat, Gideon Moi; let’s look at KANU for what it’s done for us,” he said.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Kenyatta said that it was up to Salat to ensure that the party complies with the Political Parties Act before the April 30 deadline.

Kenyatta said Salat had failed to honour most of the agreements KANU had reached since last year.

He said that he had called the NDC twice but called it off because of sideshows instigated by Salat, “who has been an obstacle to the process of compliance.”

KANU held a National Executive Committee meeting on Friday where Salat said Kenyatta was the one blocking the party’s registration by treating the party like his own private property.

“You will be surprised that we were supposed to hand in our returns to the Registrar of Political Parties today, we are still waiting for him to return the (old registration) certificate then we can put it together and make our returns. It is only him who has the certificate once he returns it there will be no other stumbling block,” he said.

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When asked what the officials will do in the event that the national chairman refuses to give up the party registration certificate, Salat said; “we will declare it lost and through lawyers we will obtain an abstract of the same.”

This will not be the first time an official of a party declines to give up party documents. In the late 1990’s A Ford Asili official went into hiding with the party registration documents in order to block Kenneth Matiba from vying for the presidency on the party ticket.

All KANU National Executive Committee members, party MPs and branch chairmen will attend the Saturday meeting, which Salat said will be held at the Kasarani Sports Complex.

But Salat says Kenyatta has been invited to attend the meeting as he is yet to hand over KANU chairmanship.

“He has every right to attend, all protocol will be observed for that particular meeting. We will have his seat set for him as our chairman.”

The KANU National chairman who termed Saturday’s delegate’s conference as a “gathering” did not say whether he would attend but criticised the organisers.


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