Iteere orders probe after GSU assault video

April 6, 2012 4:55 pm

, NAIROBI, Kenya, April 6 – Police commissioner Mathew Iteere has now ordered the Criminal Investigations Department to investigate GSU officers who were caught on camera ruthlessly beating a boy in Trans Nzoia.

He directed that the investigation should be completed within seven days and the case file forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

He strongly condemned the incident describing it as an embarrassment to the government, the police and the Kenyan public.

“Immediately this information came to my attention, I ordered the commandant of the General Service Unit to commence investigations immediately,” he said.

He said that the officers concerned had just returned to the camp with the victim whom they had arrested following a shootout with armed bandits during which the teenager’s alleged accomplishes escaped.

“So far the commandant has informed me that initial investigations indicate that the incident occurred at a GSU Camp in Kerita, Trans Nzoia County sometimes in 2009,” he stated.

WATCH the video here.

He pointed out that all officers should observe the dictates of human rights as enshrined in the constitution whether on or off duty.

“Once again let me reiterate my commitment to Kenyans that all human rights should be observed by all officers whether on or off duty,” he said.

Iteere was speaking during a press conference where he also issued a terrorism alert during the Easter festivities.

He said that additional officers have been deployed and surveillance patrols intensified in all sensitive areas.

He however urged the public to be vigilant and report suspicious looking individuals to the nearest police station.

“Police action alone cannot be adequate. We therefore urge the public to be vigilant and promptly alert police officers of the presence of any suspicious character,” he said.

He further called for the enhancement of security measures in public places.

“We particularly appeal to persons responsible for all places where large numbers of people usually gather including public transport facilities, areas of recreation and entertainment, hotels and places of worship, to step up their security measures,” he said.

He urged everyone charged with security in such areas to be keen on individuals ordinarily perceived as harmless including women, those well dressed and people driving expensive motor vehicles.

He further urged motorists to observe all traffic and safety regulations especially during the festive season.

“As the ultra modern Thika Highway nears completion, we have noted that motorist are speeding, using the wrong side of the road and creating turnings where none exists,” he observed.

He said that the police will be extra vigilant to those who are especially prone to break any laws.

“I have directed police officers on this highway to be extra vigilant to ensure that this useful facility is not turned into a misery,” he said.


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