Don’t belittle State House, Lucy Kibaki warns

April 19, 2012 1:55 pm
The First Lady asserted that State House must cease to be the quick reference point in local political battles/PPS

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 19 – First Lady Lucy Kibaki who has been notably missing from the public eye has now asked politicians to desist from dragging State House into their political wrangles especially when they wish to disparage their opponents.

In a statement to the media on Thursday, the First Lady emphasised that she had noted with great concern the trend by some politicians to drag the name of State House whenever they attack their political rivals.

She stated: “Indeed there has been a concerted effort by some politicians to seek to enjoin State House when they want to attack or make reference to their political opponents.”

Terming the trend an unfortunate development particularly as the country headed towards the general elections, she affirmed that State House was an honourable national institution and that the current occupant was busy serving the nation.

She said: “The president is determined to remain focused on the proper management of the Republic of Kenya during his remaining time in office.”

The First Lady asserted that State House must cease to be the quick reference point in local political battles which are taking place as politicians make every effort to grab headlines that capture the people’s imagination.

She pointed out that politicians should exercise restraint in the rush to engage in premature electoral campaigns that distract the Kenyan people from their core responsibilities of fending for their families.

The First Lady remarked: “Leaders must also know that they have the responsibility to continue serving the Kenyan people during the remaining time of the current government. There are still farms that need to be taken care of, roads and hospitals to be built and families that need to be fed.”

“This is not the time for empty political rhetoric or time to drag honourable institutions like State House into political supremacy battles but time to serve the Kenyan people.”


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