Uhuru, Ruto tell off Raila

March 31, 2012 3:41 pm


Uhuru and Ruto hold prayer rally in Bureti/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 31 – Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North Member of Parliament William Ruto on Saturday held a prayer rally at Litein in Bureti where they stated that they will not be cowed by those urging them to stop the gatherings.

Kenyatta hit out at Prime Minister Raila Odinga saying he should not be concerned with their prayer rallies.

He however thanked religious leaders for praying for him and those facing trial at the International Criminal Court and urged them not to relent in their supplications.

“We (Uhuru and Ruto) have been accused of preaching hate at prayer rallies by the likes of Mutula (former Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo).Well we want to tell him together with Prime Minister Raila Odinga that they should not be concerned with the rallies of others. If the Prime Minister is not interested in prayers, he should leave us alone,” he said.

Kenyatta said that the problem in Kenya is not tribal but rather it was individuals who caused them and expressed confidence that Kenyans will forever be united.

His sentiments were reiterated by Ruto who emphasised that they had no apologies to make to anyone regarding their prayer meetings.

“If they are making noise because we are praying, what will they do when we start partying and dancing?” he posed.

He further pointed out that the G7 alliance will not be intimidated in the mission to unite and reconcile the country.

He stated that the prayer rallies are intended to bring Kenyans who were in conflict in 2007 together especially in the Rift valley Province where there are the Kalenjin, Abagusii and the Kikuyu communities.

Information and Communication Minister Samuel Poghisio also stated that prayer rallies are the business of those in G7 and those who are not in the alliance have no business in them.

“This is our programme and we ask non G7 members to keep off,” he said. “Problems facing Kenyatta and Ruto must be seen in the wider context,” he pointed out.

Saboti Member of Parliament Eugene Wamalwa who was also making his first appearance since his appointment as a cabinet Minister also spoke during the rally where he stated that prayers heal, reconcile and unite the nation.

“Those who have held the justice docket previously have politisised the ministry instead of following the law. As a lawyer, I believe in the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. No one should be labeled a criminal until justice is done,” he said.

He further pointed out that his docket included national cohesion and integration and that these were objectives envisaged by Uhuru, Ruto and the G7 alliance.

“Prime Minister Raila Odinga had unashamedly humiliated his colleagues in ODM in spite of the effort they put in the 2007 poll campaign. On the other hand, Kenyatta and Ruto have proved their ability in the dockets they have held,” he said.

Embakasi Member of Parliament Ferdinand Waititu commended the President for appointing Wamalwa as the Justice Minister and expressed confidence that he will interpret the law appropriately.

Isaac Omondi Oginga, who is PM Raila Odinga’s brother, also reiterated that he has joined the G7 alliance and will not be intimidated.

Makadara Member of Parliament Mike Mbuvi Sonko in the meantime threatened to lead peaceful mass demonstrations to all western embassies if their countries do not stop interfering in Kenyan politics.

Other leaders who spoke during the rally include Belgut Member of Parliament Charles Keter, Dujis legislators Aden Duale and Benjamin Langat.


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