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NTTI students barricaded roads protesting an accident


Students riot after matatu accident in Pangani

NTTI students barricaded roads protesting an accident

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 14 – Students of the Nairobi Technical Training Institute (NTTI) went on the rampage on Wednesday to protest a road accident involving their colleague who was hit and seriously injured near the college.

The accident on Tuesday night sparked major unrest, which saw the students burn down the matatu that hit the victim, before they barricaded roads around the college.

“We want to know why the government is not putting up speed bumps on roads around the school, because this is not the first time it is happening, one student shouted during the Wednesday protests.

The riot paralysed transport to Pangani and the surrounding areas for the better part of Wednesday.
The female student pursuing a business-related course is said to be admitted to a city hospital in a serious, but stable condition.

“She was hit as she was waiting to board a matatu. The one that hit her was driving on the wrong side and that is what worsened the matter,” a student who only identified herself as Lydia said.
The students told Capital News that cases of their colleagues being hit by speeding matatus was becoming common and demanded action from authorities.

“There is no action taken at all whenever these incidents occur. The police station is very close to our college yet nothing can be done, we are demanding immediate action,” another student said.
They said they would push to have speed bumps erected on roads around the college to curb unnecessary accidents.

A milk vendor operating near the college in Pangani told Capital News people around the institution were also affected by the road accidents caused by speeding public service vehicles.

He said a man was killed when he was hit by a matatu near the college earlier this year.

“Accidents are very common here, vehicles cruise here with little regard to people crossing the road. I recall incidents where people have been hit yet they were far away from the road,” the milk vendor said, adding “I support what the students are doing.”

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Pangani Police chief Aphoid Nyagah said they were engaging the students in talks to get them back to class “because the riots will not help.”

“We are speaking to them and a solution will be found because the issues they are raising are very genuine,” Nyagah said.

People operating shops near the college said some of the students had stolen items from them during the chaos.

Capital News could not independently confirm the claims, but police said they will investigate all complaints lodged during and after the protests.


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