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The Security Council holds a meeting on Syria at the UN headquarters in NY/XINHUA

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China calls for dialogue on Iranian nuclear issue

The Security Council holds a meeting on Syria at the UN headquarters in NY/XINHUA

UNITED NATIONS, Mar 22 – China on Wednesday called on all parties concerned to adopt constructive measures and start sustainable dialogue on the Iranian nuclear issue as soon as possible.

The statement came as Wang Min, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, spoke to a Security Council meeting on the Iran nuclear program.

Thanks to the joint efforts of all parties, the P5+1 countries, namely the United States, China, Russia, France, Germany and Britain as well as Iran have expressed their willingness of faithful dialogue. The process of solving Iranian nuclear issue through dialogue has shown positive momentum, Wang said.

“China hopes all parties concerned will narrow down their differences, adopt constructive measures, launch sustainable dialogue at an early date, actively explore comprehensive, long- term and proper solutions for Iranian nuclear problem,” he noted.

The current situation in the Middle East is undergoing profound changes, Wang said. Safeguarding regional peace and stability and avoiding bigger turbulence in the region is in line with the common interests of all parties. It is also the shared expectation of the international community as well.

“Against such backdrop, it is of more pragmatic importance to be firmly committed to dialogue and negotiations in order to properly solve the Iranian nuclear issue,” said Wang.

Furthermore, China also hopes the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Iran will further enhance dialogue and cooperation on the current basis and resolve the pending issues as soon as possible, said Wang.

China is looking forward to a constructive role played by the IAEA in this regard, he added.

China always believes that the Security Council resolutions should be implemented in an earnest, comprehensive and accurate way. However, sanctions are not the purpose of resolutions. Only through dialogue and cooperation can the Iranian nuclear issue be properly solved, Wang said.

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