Obama stays in hotel where Whitney Houston died

February 16, 2012 6:15 am


Obama arrived late on Wednesday afternoon at the Beverly Hilton/FILE
LOS ANGELES, Feb 16 – President Barack Obama stayed on Wednesday at the Beverly Hills, California, hotel where singer Whitney Houston died, journalists accompanying the president on a West Coast trip said.

Obama arrived late on Wednesday afternoon at the Beverly Hilton, a luxury hotel located in the western Los Angeles area.

He was scheduled to participate in two evening fundraising events in the affluent neighbourhood.

Houston’s lifeless body was discovered on Saturday submerged under bathtub water in her room at the Beverly Hilton. The hotel is popular among the jet set and also hosts the annual Golden Globe Awards for film and television.

No official explanation has yet been given for the sudden death at 48 years old of Houston, who dominated the American music scene in pop and soul music in the ’80s and ’90s, selling about 170 million records.

Presidential spokesman Jay Carney described Houston’s death as a “tragedy” and said he was sure Obama “prayed” for the singer’s family, especially her 18-year-old daughter.


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