Nominees to Police Service Commission faulted

February 23, 2012 2:50 pm
Gachoya claimed that Kamau's name was removed to give undue advantage to Murshid Mohamed for the post/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 23 – A member of the panel that interviewed candidates for the National Police Service Commission has opposed the shortlisted candidates for the post of chairperson, claiming that the process was flawed.

Lydia Gachoya, a commissioner at the National Gender and Equality Commission on Thursday differed with the unilateral decision reached by members of the selection panel to strike off the name of Jean Kamau whom she argues was ranked second.

Gachoya claimed that Kamau’s name was removed to give undue advantage to Murshid Mohamed for the post.

“This to me is deceiving the two principals who will never know that Jean Kamau had even applied. The selection for the post of chairperson was not done by consensus and was flawed and procedurally had errors, was biased, discriminatory and in my opinion rampant inequality was evident,” Gachoya said.

Mohamed was ranked second according to information sent to President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga for consideration for the post of chairman of the National Police Service Commission.

The other names sent to the President were Johnston Kavuludi and Amina Masoud.

However, according to Gachoya, Johnston Kavuludi was ranked first followed by Jean Kamau and then Mohamed. Gachoya argues that Kavuludi and Masoud stand little chance of being nominated, leaving the position for Mohamed’s taking.

“This to me is a discriminatory process and this was followed on and on to the point where to balance gender on the list of chairman, somebody was imported from below the list just because she wears a skirt, regardless of merit just to fill up the slot of gender in the chairman’s position. It is pointless to rate merit as a factor for selection then base the final results on amorphous forces,” she stated.

The panel chaired by Festus Litiku also sent eight names of persons who qualify to be members of the police commission which will be responsible for appointing an Inspector General of Police, two deputies and a CID director.

Those selected include Lawrence Nyalle, Esther Chui, Ronald Musengi, James Atema and Bernard Mbai.

Others are Maj (Rtd) Billow Khalid and former police officers Muiu Mutia and Mary Owuor.

Once established, the commission shall have express powers to undertake police promotions and transfers as outlined in the National Police Service Act as well as develop a police training curriculum.

Currently, the Police Commissioner wields immense powers of transferring police officers of all ranks under him among other responsibilities.

Gachoya now wants the full report of the National Police Service Commission selection panel indicating the performance of all candidates who were interviewed, their ranking and public participation be tabled before the President and Prime Minister for their review and consideration.

“All qualifying candidates are entitled to a fair process and no one should be discriminated against.


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