Gumo: Do not condemn Baraza unheard

January 10, 2012 1:13 pm


Minister Fred Gumo
NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 10 – Westlands MP Fred Gumo has defended embattled Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza over the alleged gun drama at Nairobi’s Village Market, saying the public should await the outcome of investigations before condemning her.

He told a news conference that the public was unfair to assume that Baraza was wrong even before investigations are done to establish if she indeed drew a gun at security guard Rebecca Kerubo.

“She has not killed anybody! This is something very small she did. What of us MPs and ministers if we are tomorrow caught doing serious issues… and we have already seen some doing bad things, yet they have never been taken to court,” he protested.

Gumo who said he was concerned since the incident happened in his constituency and also urged the Judicial Service Commission which started its investigations on Monday to ensure fairness.

“Let us be fair. People should not be victimised on unclear information. Let the investigations be done fairly to establish the truth without making any judgements with no facts,” he asserted.

He also said all findings should be made public to dissuade rumours.

“There are rumours of her awaiting prosecution by the police. No information should be hidden, even the police findings should be made public,” he insisted.

Gumo also said Kerubo was willing to reconcile with Baraza and asked the public to keep off; “the beautiful lady (referring to Kerubo) is ready to reconcile. Why insist that she must be prosecuted?”

The Regional Development Minister also suggested the security guards be trained on how to treat VIPs.

He said it was unfair that some of them were subjected to public embarrassment by guards who do not know them.

“In this country we have people who are important. If you are an important person – if you are a minister like me, fortunately I am known by most of the security people,” he explained. “There are people who have just been appointed. They should handle people with care, not roughing them (sic).”

“In some places where I have been into you find security officers mistreat you just because you are an important person. They should be trained how to handle important people,” he complained.

He said it was somehow unfair the way even MPs’ or ministers’ family members are treated recalling on an incident where he attended a national meeting.

“We ministers were going with our wives to the function… I admire those who don’t go with theirs! And they make your wife open her bag, and some ministers were looking inside my wife’s bag,” he recalled.

“I told those security men, shut up! You cannot check my wife’s bag. I have just come from State House. How do you expect my wife to carry a gun when I m with her, to shoot who?” he queried.

He also ridiculed allegations that Baraza pulled Kerubo’s nose saying, “If your father or mother was talking to you and you are not listening, your ear is pulled. Do you take your father to court?”

Meanwhile, the seven member committee formed by the Judicial Service Commission to investigate Baraza’s alleged misconduct visited the shopping mall on Tuesday.


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