Baraza recalled by JSC as probe nears end

January 12, 2012 3:59 pm


Deputy CJ Nancy Baraza
NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 12 – Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza was on Thursday recalled by the sub-committee investigating allegations that she brandished a gun at a security guard at the Village Market on New Year’s Eve.

The Deputy CJ appeared before the sub-committee for less than 20 minutes on Thursday afternoon.

Committee chairman Samuel Kobia said: ‘We recalled the Deputy Chief Justice because there is one matter we wanted her to clarify so that we are sure that what we had heard was actually what was meant to be said.”

He said they had analysed the CCTV footage and discussed information given by the 16 witnesses who appeared before them from Tuesday.

“We had 11 witnesses on Wednesday and the day before we had five witnesses. We have a lot of information and a lot of data to analyse, then make our recommendations to the full JSC meeting,” he asserted.

Another witness Byrason Mangla who had sent his affidavit to the committee over alleged mishandling by security officers at Baraza’s office also appeared before the commission but not to give information relating to the incident at Village Market.

“We needed to make sure that was the person who had the affidavit and get the person to confirm whether he is the one who had sent it. That is why we called Byrason,” he said.

He revealed that the committee had sequenced the CCTV material to achieve a clearer recording.

“We have asked for the sequencing of the CCTV to be done because it is clips that come after every two seconds, where now have the sequencing and it is helpful to us,” he asserted.

Kobia said the committee was on course with its work giving confidence that the report would be handed over to the JSC on Friday afternoon for its release to the public.

The committee was established on Monday to look into allegations that Baraza pinched Rebecca Kerubo’s nose and also pointed a gun at her.

It will also give its recommendations on what action should be taken concerning the incident that has spurred public emotions which have led to filing of petitions asking Baraza to step aside for misconduct.

On the other hand, some people have defended Baraza saying Kerubo should not be believed until investigations are completed.

The JSC probe is running parallel to an investigation being conducted by the Criminal Investigations Department, which has already recommended the prosecution of Baraza.

The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions is currently assessing the evidence adduced to determine whether to file charges against her.


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