Declare your stand on PNU, Uhuru told

January 10, 2012 2:49 pm


Kanu Chairman Uhuru Kenyatta
NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 10 – Cracks are now emerging in the Kenya African National Union (KANU) with allies of chairman Uhuru Kenyatta accusing him of courting other political unions without their express authority.

Agriculture Assistant Minister Kareke Mbiuki challenged Kenyatta to come clean and state where his political allegiance was to avoid sending the wrong message to the electorate.

He argued that it was crucial for him to give his assurance to the members over his commitment, to help the party manage its electoral preparations.

Kenyatta has time and again said that he was fully committed to KANU and is determined to take the party to the next level.

“We know he is the chairman of KANU so he should not send mixed signals. That today he is KANU and the next day he is sleeping in PNU alliance; you are seen cutting the PNU cake, the following day you are singing our song…” he said.

“It is only in Wiper (Democratic Movement) where you are neither here nor there,” he quipped.

The party has however reiterated its position regarding the PNU Alliance stating that it would not attend the party’s recruitment drive set for Friday.

Mbiuki maintained that if Kenyatta attended the recruitment drive, he would be doing so in his individual capacity but not on behalf of the party.

He said that the party had not yet sanctioned any alliances with any other political movements and would only do so after ironing out its own outstanding issues.

Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi noted that both the Party of National Unity Alliance and KANU were keen on wooing electorates from the same pool and it would therefore not make any sense for KANU to assist PNU in its recruitment drive.

“KANU has the best lady, in the political market, and it is being admired by most men. So anybody out there flirting with our chairman is welcome and they can do those things but the party has not given anyone the permission to bind KANU,” he warned.

Molo’s Joseph Kiuna said that the PNU alliance was a dead vehicle that could not be used to sustain any political ambitions.

The party also revealed that it had not yet decided the date for its recruitment drive saying it would soon announce it.

PNU is scheduled to conduct its recruitment drive from January 13. The drive was supposed to kick off on January 10 but was postponed to accommodate Kenyatta and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, who are out of the country.

It is however not clear whether the two will attend the drive.

KANU Deputy Secretary General Moitalel ole Kenta however said that the party was committed towards ensuring that Kenyatta clinched the presidency.


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