Police deny they are targeting ex mungiki leader

December 3, 2011 3:13 pm
Police term allegations that they are targeting Njenga as baseless /FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 3- Police have dismissed claims that they took part in the torching of a house allegedly belonging to former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga in Ol Kalou.

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe on Saturday told journalists at police headquarters that they were investigating the incident and waiting for the report by OCPD of Nyandarua.

“We are already investigating the incident but the accusation against the police is not plausible. Njenga has been walking around in the city freely and therefore it beats logic that someone will go all the way to Ol Kalou to burn his house,” said Kiraithe.

He said that Njenga recorded a statement saying that some politicians had failed to pay a debt they had promised they would pay to a local service provider but said that the police have no legal mandate in pursuing debts claimed on the basis of promises.

Kiraithe further said the police have found as baseless claims in Njenga’s statement that he was being trailed by vehicles one of which he claimed was a government vehicle.

“We have followed very closely even with the registrar of motor vehicles in question, but we have found no basis and indeed one of the number plates given as being of a government vehicle was of a motorcycle,” Kiraithe said although affirming that more investigations will be done to unearth any shade of truth.
Unknown people raided the rural home of former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga in Nyandarua West on Friday night and set it ablaze.

His workers were also beaten up in an incident that came a week after Njenga expressed fears for his life.

Njenga has claimed that he is being targeted by unknown people some of who are powerful forces in the government and he believes the threats are emanating from his decision to support former cabinet Minister Njenga Karume as the Kikuyu spokesman.

It remains unclear if the attackers were ferried to the home or they walked into the 40-acre land.

Two weeks ago, Njenga claimed publicly that his life was in danger and even recorded a statement to that effect.

On Thursday Njenga recorded a statement at the Nairobi area Criminal Investigations Department.

Njenga has since then insisted that he was being targeted even after recording a statement with the police over claims that an ICC suspect wants him dead. He claims he has been receiving threats from people he believes are in government.

“I have recorded statements with the police after receiving death threats from a senior politician and I wonder why they are after my life. They Government should uphold the right of every citizen and offer them full protection,” he said.

Kiraithe insisted that the dreaded ‘Kwekwe’ squad that was formed to deal with the Mungiki menace had been disbanded but appealed to Njenga to provide information of the officers from the squad he claimed were trailing him.


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