Afternoon drama as suspect killed in Nairobi’s CBD

December 8, 2011 2:45 pm


Robbery suspect gunned down by police in Nairobi
NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 8 – A suspected robber was on Thursday afternoon shot dead outside Rehema House in Nairobi’s Central Business District while three of his accomplices escaped.

Police said that he was in a group of four that was challenged to stop after it drew the attention of undercover police officers.

He was shot after he defied orders to stop and instead opened fire at the officers.

The group of four is said to have been trailed by undercover policemen from Biashara Street to Kimathi Street before they split into two at the junction of Standard and Kimathi Streets.

District Criminal Investigations Officer at the Central police station Peter Mabea told journalists at the scene that one pistol and five rounds of ammunition were recovered from the fallen suspect.

Mabea said: “Our officers on normal patrol in the city noticed four characters that were suspicious and looked unsettled so when they split, our officers followed those who seemed armed. They were challenged to stop and instead one of them drew a gun, but our officers were swift to shoot him.”

A witness who was pushed to the ground by the suspected robber, told Capital News that that the man dropped his pistol while running away from the police.

“I had just crossed Standard Street when I heard people shouting and running after a thief, when I turned a man felled me; he was trailed by police and instead of surrendering his gun fell down,” said the witness.

Mabea said that the motive of the group was to commit a crime in the city.

Another man suspected of stealing a car side mirror in the ensuing confusion had the guards of a city hotel to thank after they rescued him from an angry mob that had descended on him.



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