Top students celebrate 2011 KCPE feat

December 28, 2011 3:23 pm


Martin Irungu and Christine Muthoni scored 442 marks to emerge tops/MIKE KARIUKI
NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 28 – It was day of great joy and jubilation for top candidates in the 2011 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations as they celebrated their success with family and friends.

The top boy nationwide Martin Irungu from Moi Educational Centre told Capital News that his success was the culmination of hard work and support from his parents.

He said he was looking forward to being a lawyer and acquire skills which he will use to help the poor.

“I am grateful that my hard work paid off. I expected good results but not to be top in the country. It came as a surprise which caught me off guard. I plan to be a lawyer in the future with a view to helping the poor and oppressed,” said Irungu.

His parents were lost for words but described him as hardworking and bright.

“He was been doing well. He has always been number one or number two but most of the time, number one. I love him and I want him to keep it up since this is not the end,” his father stated.

“I am really proud. I guess any mother would be proud if their son performed as he has done. I want to tell Martin that he has made me the proudest mom on earth. Thank you very much,” his mother said.

The headmaster of Moi Educational Centre Philemon Chebii pointed out that Irungu’s example would motivate students in the school to perform better.

“I must say this is just a gift from God. It is not usual that when you sit for exams you get the best candidate,” he said.

There was also an air of celebration in Makini School, which had the fifth and sixth best students nationally.

Both Diana Adhiambo and Andrew Mwangangi expressed thanks to their parents and teachers who they said played a great role in their achievements.

They further described the good results as a stepping stone to realising their respective dreams.

“Girls are coming up more. There are more opportunities since girls are being encouraged to reach out to the skies,” Adhiambo said.

“I just read and kept my faith in God since I knew that he would help me in everything that I would do,” Mwangangi said.

Diana’s parents told Capital News that their daughter’s results gave them great joy.

“Diana is the third child in our family to sit for KCPE and the second to sit in Makini and then she comes top. Of course as a parent we have to feel very excited,” her father said.

“To use a blunt word, Diana is opinionated and you cannot change her. She also plans… not that she does things just like that. I remember in standard six she came home with these books dealing with social rights and child labour,” her mother stated.


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