UoN students protest as union official attacked

November 11, 2011 2:09 pm


University students take part in a previous demo/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 11 – Students of the University of Nairobi held a peaceful demonstration to police headquarters protesting against an early morning attack on the Secretary General of the Students Organization of the University (SONU), Alex Matere.

The demo further complicated the situation at the campus, as the teaching and the non-teaching staff entered the third day of strike on Friday morning.

According to Calvin Ocholla, a SONU official in charge of Health and Accommodation, Matere was attacked by four masked men at 4am while he slept in his campus room.

Ocholla said: “Matere was attacked in his room early morning by four attackers who had masked their faces, the commotion drew attention from other students and the attackers took off after beating him and cutting him on the head.”

“We suspect that it is fellow students who are responsible as any attacker who will not be afraid of being identified by students will not wear a mask,” he further stated.

SONU officials recorded a statement with the Deputy Police Spokesman Charles Owino before heading back to the University’s main campus.

The students who made their way to Vigilance House through Kenyatta and Harambee Avenues agitated for the arrest of another SONU official who they said has had differences with Matere saying he was the key suspect.

Matere is said to have sustained injuries to the head in addition to a brutal beating.

The suspected official is alleged to have hatched a plan early last night but was forced to flee after a few students caught up with him.

Matere was said to be recuperating at city hospital.

Ocholla told reporters outside Police headquarters that there is a split in the students’ organisation that was bound to get messy.

“Basically we have two groups in the students’ organization (SONU) one group that supports the Secretary General and the other that supports this official; it is basically about power struggles,” he explained.

A Police source told Capital News that they will play their role in investigating the incident but that the university administration should handle the matter.


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