TI calls for thorough, unbiased investigations into corruption cases

November 3, 2011 3:42 pm
TI boss stressing a point /FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 3 – Transparency International (TI) wants the government to thoroughly investigate corruption allegations in various ministries, including the Kazi Kwa Vijana scam at the Prime Minister’s office.

In a statement, TI’s Executive Director Samuel Kimeu said corruption is increasingly becoming the country’s greatest threat to stability and prosperity unless proper measures are taken.

He said the government should investigate graft allegations impartially and prosecute anyone found culpable.

“Politics should not be allowed to obscure the truth in the current corruption and misappropriation concerns on the Kazi Kwa Vijana initiative,” the TI chief said.

“Investigations should be done impartially and all those found to have been involved in any crime prosecuted and what they have stolen recovered,” he added.

Citing corruption as the country’s major hindrance to development, TI said it was time leaders took serious measures to save Kenyans from losing huge sums of money through misappropriation.

“Unless our leadership addresses this matter decisively, all other noble efforts to fight poverty, promote national cohesion and stability may come to naught,” he said.

TI is particularly concerned about graft allegations reported in the Prime Minister’s office and those in the education sector where it accuses the government of failing to recover funds reported to have been lost.

“With regard to corruption in the education sector, it is clear there were far many actors than are currently in court,” the TI statement said.

“There has been no effort to the best of our knowledge to recover the stolen money,” it added.

TI further wants the government to be carrying out regular review of the integrity systems in government departments to eliminate corruption cases.

The TI’s statement comes a day after MP’s traded accusations in Parliament over allegations that youth funds have been misappropriated.

MPs on both sides of the political divide traded barbs as they sought to accuse or defend Prime Minister Raila Odinga after he issued a statement arguing that the issue was a political witch-hunt by his rivals, as no money had been lost in the project.

The premier asserted that his defense was supported by the final review by the World Bank on the project.

“When it came to the final result of the review, of the 14 expenditure items earlier suspected to be ineligible, nine were in fact no longer questioned,” he stressed.

The PM also dismissed allegations that the Sh4.3 billion component of the Kenya Youth Empowerment Programme was lost because the project was cancelled.


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