State on the spot over high cost of flour

November 24, 2011 3:49 pm

, NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 24 – Members of Parliament have accused ministries of being insincere in explaining the high cost of maize flour.

MPs were angered that no minister was ready to answer a question by Joseph Kiuna (Molo) over why the price of maize had not dropped even after the price of maize reduced.

“What measures is the minister taking to ensure that prices come down,” Kiuna asked in a question directed to the Ministry of Trade.

However, Trade minister Ali Mwakwere said his ministry does not deal with maize at any stage adding that he had forwarded the matter to the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to Mwakwere however, the Ministry of Agriculture declined to answer the question saying the issuing of setting prices fell under the Ministry of Finance to which the question was forwarded.

However the response angered legislators who wondered why the government was shifting responsibility form one ministry to another yet the issue of setting maize flour prices was a simple matter.

“At Sh2,500 for a bag of maize, a packet of maize flour should not cost more than Sh65. That even a class eight pupil can calculate,” argued Mututho.

He however claimed the government was out to protect cartels that wanted to keep the prices high to the detriment of the public.

William Kabogo (Juja) accused the government of sleeping on the job.

But Mwakwere defended the government saying he issue was being dealt with, even as assistant minister for internal security Orwa Ojode who was representing the Leader of Government Business undertook to give an answer next Wednesday.


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