Presidential aspirant Tuju returns to Kisumu

November 13, 2011 10:31 am


Presidential aspirant Raphael Tuju
KISUMU, Kenya, Nov 13 – Presidential aspirant Raphael Tuju returned to Kisumu on Sunday barely a week after he was stoned by unruly youths at Kondele market and stated that he had forgiven his attackers.

Tuju said he would not press charges for the damage caused to his three vehicles.

“I am not going to sue for damages. I have pardoned them (youths) because they don’t know what they were doing,” said the former foreign affairs minister.

Tuju who intends to contest the post of presidency was attacked and his motorcade pelted with stones at Kondele in Kisumu when he was on a meet the people tour.

Six people in his convoy were also injured in the attack.

Tuju however avoided touring the scene of the chaos on November 4.

“I will visit Kondele some other day as I am back in Kisumu not to fight or arouse tension but to preach peace and love. Kisumu is my home and at no point will I shy away from visiting you,” he said.

He however said he will not avert the cause of justice following the arrest of three youths who are suspected to have participated in the attack.

“It was a criminal case and Police have to do their job. I cannot stand in front of the law,” he told a congregation at the Kibuye Catholic Church.

Tuju said he has no grudge with the youth noting that Kisumu residents are peace loving but some politicians have been misleading a section of them to cause trouble for political expediency.

“I hope to create many jobs for the youth when I take over the big seat. This is the only way we will put to an end to youths being used by politicians to cause chaos in political rallies,” he said.

Kibuye Catholic Church Father in charge Charles K’Ochiel told the faithful to give a chance to every presidential candidate to sell their policies anywhere in the country.

He said: “The trend of stoning other candidates is backward and only attracts more violence. Why stone other candidates while others are allowed to campaign peacefully. Let us accommodate each other,” he said.


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