NEP leaders condemn grenade attacks

November 25, 2011 12:40 pm


Dujis MP Adan Duale/ FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 25 – Six Parliamentarians from North Eastern Province have condemned Thursday’s attacks in Mandera and Garissa where three civilians and a Kenyan soldier lost their lives.

Led by Dujis MP Adan Duale, the leaders called for speedy investigations to apprehend those responsible for the grenade and mine attacks.

Duale said that similar grenade attacks have happened in Garissa since operation Linda Nchi started yet no one had been brought to account.

“We condemn the attacks in the strongest terms but, the government must do a comprehensive investigation, we want to know the truth whether it’s the Al Shabaab or other criminal gangs out to cause instability,” said Duale.

“Almost a month ago people died in a grenade attack and no one has been has been arrested; we want these investigations hastened!” he demanded.

The MPs are also complaining over heavy handedness by the military that allegedly resorted to harassing Mandera and Garissa residents after the explosions.

Mandera West MP Maalim Mohammed alleged that the military went harassing innocent civilians after the explosion of a land mine and wants an inquiry opened.

Maalim said: “Instead of investigating, looking for the culprits and dealing with the matter soberly some of the actions our forces take are unwarranted. People were beaten and maimed in Mandera on Thursday night and we want the government to institute an inquiry into what happened in Mandera after the explosion.”

They have affirmed the support of leaders from the province to the war against the Al Shabaab, but not at the expense of the lives of their constituents.

“As a leadership we have supported the government, but we do not want this support to create major insecurity to our people,” said Duale.

“This is a war which we must win but, people of our region support the war but they must be given the dignity so that they continue supporting the initiative,” reiterated Mohammed.

Two people were killed last night when a grenade was hurled at Holiday Inn where people were watching news. The third person died on a congested street known as Ngamia road near a church.

Three people were killed and scores others wounded in twin grenade attacks which rocked the border town of Garissa on Thursday night.

The attacks at congested places in the town occurred at about 8pm, within hours of similar attacks targeted on security forces in Liboi and Mandera where a soldier was killed in a landmine blast.

Other MPs who attended the briefing at Parliament buildings were Sophia Abdi (Nominated) Abdi Noor (Bura) Mohammed Affey (Nominated) Ali Husssein Mohammed (Mandera East).

Kenyan officials have blamed the hard-line Al Shabaab or their sympathisers for a spate of recent shootings and bombings, although armed bandits also operate in the border areas.

On June 6, two people were killed in a grenade attack on a church in a Garissa town that left four other people injured.

The attackers threw a grenade at a house inside a compound of the East African Pentecostal Church in Garissa, killing two people living inside.


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