Uhuru: Ignore politicians when electing Governors

November 13, 2011 1:59 pm

, VOI, Kenya, Nov 13 – Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Kenyans to overlook politicians when they go to the ballot box to elect governors during next year’s general elections.

Uhuru wants voters to ensure that those they vote in to manage counties are well versed with key developmental issues and not career politicians as a way of securing individual growth of counties.

“I will not tell you how to vote on all other positions, I will leave that to you, but I must warn you that you should not use your heart when voting for Governor, use your mind,” Uhuru challenged Kenyans.

Speaking on the sidelines of a fundraiser aimed at raising funds for the building of the first post-independence Anglican Cathedral in Voi town, Uhuru argued that only professionals should be elected to the post, saying it had little to do with politics.

“The Governor’s seat is life, not politics,” Uhuru said, pointing out that, “ the Governor will determine the direction each county takes, he will set the pace for development, creativity and therefore define the baseline for the future of every resident, he will even have a cabinet of his own, that is a person we must use our mind to analyze before voting for.”

Uhuru also noted: “Economic development of the nation, will have a pulse in the way each county conceptualizes, designs, implements and markets its policies and products and it starts with the leader we trust with the position of Governor.”

The Gatundu South MP says the office requires competent persons who will ensure accountability.

“If we elect thieves for the post of governor, then we can only blame ourselves at the County level, lets trust our best sons and daughters with a management acumen and creative skill with the Governor’s office and we will be able to meet the unique challenges in every county with ease and effectiveness as we stride towards a new financial dispensation,” said Uhuru.

Uhuru who has embarked on a tour of Economic Stimulus Programmes (ESP) across the Country said that the only way the economy would achieve double digit growth was by effective management of counties.

“Maximizing output from the counties, identifying and channelling emerging raw talent and tackling unemployment at the grassroot level is dependent on good leadership and will be a big boost to economic growth in the future,” Uhuru Noted.

He also urged his colleagues in Parliament to focus on development to ensure Kenya achieves Vision 2030.

“Let us not make politics a full time occupation, lets spare most time for development, we cannot be in political competition throughout, we must settle and work, that can only be achieved if we elect people who are willing to draw a clear line between management outputs and empty rhetoric,” Uhuru asserted.

The deputy PM also wants Kenyans to monitor how devolved funds are utilised to ensure they benefit intended recipients.

“Devolution has proved that money taken to grassroot programmes is better utilized as opposed to resources managed at a centralized level and that is why we must get to office the best people to be Governors,” Uhuru emphasized.


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