I am fine, assures Public Health minister

November 5, 2011 2:59 pm
Beth Mugo smiling /FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 5- Public Health Minister Beth Mugo has refuted claims that her health is in any danger.

Mugo who checked into the Nairobi Hospital on Friday morning told journalists from her hospital bed that she was admit as part of a yearly routine health checkup.

Contrary to reports, the minister said the meeting with her doctors had been scheduled before she travelled to Brazil back in October.

“I’m really fine; there are still a few more tests that have to be done, but this is nothing out of the ordinary. So far so good,” Mugo said of her health.

The 72 year old minister is not known to have any health condition but has from time to time said she suffers allergies for carpets and fur especially in the morning.

She did however admit to being fatigued, but associated that feeling to her extensive travel and exhausting work schedule.

“When I came, I was having a little headache as well as some exhaustion and I thought I needed to rest and also get checked. The doctors have done their tests and I’m fine and there is no need to panic,” the minister said.

On Thursday, Mugo was her at her usual best giving a statement on the distribution 183 metric tones of Unimix that was contaminated with aflotoxin to children in drought stricken areas.

She blamed the Kenya Red Cross for taking close to three months to share information on the issue upon realising that the product was contaminated.

The cereal was distributed to 726 schools with over 300,000 children reported to have taken the food.


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