Seven killed in Isiolo dawn attack

October 14, 2011 7:37 am

, ISIOLO, Kenya, Oct 14 – Seven people were killed in a dawn attack in Isiolo and dozens others wounded, the latest in a series of clashes in the region.

Police said those killed were shot and others hacked by raiders believed to be from the neighbouring community.

“There was an attack in Isiolo with the Boranas and Turkanas fighting overnight,” a senior police officer said.

There were no immediate reports of any livestock stolen by Turkana raiders.

“We suspect the killings have something to do with cattle rustling but there has also been animosity between the two communities lately over resouces,” he added.

The perpetrators are believed to have been repulsed before they could steal any cattle.

Irate area residents blocked the Isiolo- Marsabit road for the better part of Friday morning protesting insecurity.

“This government in Nairobi has failed to protect us, they think we are not Kenyans!” shouted one of the demonstrators.

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