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Witness denies Sang used coded language

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 7 – Bishop Jackson Kosgey, the second witness for the defence of Joshua arap Sang, on Wednesday told the court that the presenter at Kass FM did not use his radio to incite the 2008 Post Election Violence (PEV) in Kenya.

He told the court that he met Mr Sang when he worked with a Christian radio station and that he listens to Mr Sang’s radio show on Kass FM because of its topical programmes.

“I never heard Mr Sang inciting people in his show. I would wonder how because the radio station broadcasts to millions and millions in the country and it is under the eye of the country and the State (regulators). I did not hear and I would not expect it,” he asserted.

He further said at no point did he ever hear Mr Sang using coded language or ‘parables’ to spur violence in his community.

“It is interesting to hear of a coded language because the radio station is used to broadcast issues to the people of Kenya. I don’t know of any coded language,” he asserted.

Bishop Kosgey who is also the father of gospel musician Emmy Kosgey denied having been at Eldoret North MP William Ruto’s home in Sugoi in 2006 as alleged by the prosecution.

He also said he was not aware of the network alleged to have been formed to plan and carry out the attacks on Kikuyus in Rift Valley.

The patron and founder of EMO Foundation also denied that the organisation was used to fund the deadly violence. He also said the other two suspects Mr Ruto and Tinderet MP Henry Kosgey were not members of EMO Foundation.

He said EMO was established in 2001 as a welfare organisation to benefit the society.

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He further asserted that PEV was spontaneous and only started after a dispute over the 2007 presidential poll results.

The bishop alleged that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary General Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o called for mass action after which people went to the streets and took advantage of the weak leadership at the time to cause violence and other criminal activities.

“Mr Nyong’o announced that they were not satisfied with the outcome of the elections and therefore we go for mass action that means we go for demonstration. People went to the streets, in any riots where there is no proper leadership, then it was hijacked by looters and all sorts of crimes took place,” he alleged.

The bishop also said he did not meet Mr Ruto on December 30, 2006 and that he did not have any ‘common business’ with Mr Sang apart from meeting him as a media personality.

The bishop further informed the court that there were no oaths taken in regard to the violence in the Rift Valley as he explained that Kalenjins don’t spill blood, “it is abominable to have oaths in Kalenjin, they don’t take oaths, they fear oaths; they say they (oaths) have a capacity to come back, and kill and it has an effect on their children. Kalenjins do not take oaths at all!”

Meanwhile, the ICC will hold a press conference on Friday at The Hague in regard to the ongoing confirmation of charges hearings that started last Thursday.


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