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Uhuru, Muthaura meticulously planned poll attacks

THE HAGUE, Sep 22- The International Criminal Court (ICC) was told on Thursday that Uhuru Kenyatta and Francis Muthaura organised deadly attacks against rival suppoters after the disputed 2007 polls to keep PNU in power by “any means necessary”.

ICC Prosecutor Adesola Adeboyejo said on the second day of the confirmation of charges hearings the Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Civil Service created a common plan and policy to retaliate against the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) supporters  and to ensure the Party of National Unity (PNU) remained in power.

“These attacks were not spontaneous. Muthaura and Kenyatta organised and directed forces which then unleashed the attacks,” she said.

The court was also told that former Police Commissioner Hussein
Ali directed the police to stand down in order to create a safe passage for the Mungiki to attack ODM supporters in Naivasha.

Kenyatta was accused of having long time ties with the outlawed Mungiki sect and having control over the finances the criminal group used during the retaliatory attacks

“On March 3, 2002 a Mungiki fundraising in Nyahururu turned into a campaign rally for the young Uhuru Kenyatta as documented by Peter Kagwanja a scholar of Kenya’s history,” the prosecutor argued.

Adeboyejo quoted prosecution witnesses number 10 and 12 as saying that Uhuru was a member of the proscribed sect.

She also told the court that Muthaura was in charge of the police during the post-poll violence as corroborated by Ali’s testimony to the Waki Commission investigating the Post Election Violence.

“Muthaura had de facto and de jure powers over the Kenya police. Evidence will also show that Muthaura and Kenyatta used this ad hoc organisation to carry out their plans,” she said.

“Ali in his account already said who had control over him and who could give him instructions,” she said.

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She said Muthaura and Uhuru held eight preparatory meetings in late 2007 to plan violence against ODM supporters in Naivasha and Nakuru.

“During these meetings Muthaura, Kenyatta and their subordinates formulated their plans to retaliate against ODM supporters.

“The meetings were an opportunity to bring their forces to bear to maintain PNU power in the Rift Valley,” she said.

She reaffirmed that the prosecution had absolute confidence in the credibility of all the witnesses it has lined up for the cases against the Ocampo Six.

She said that the prosecution was treating seriously the allegations made by the defense on the credibility of the witnesses.


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