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Kenya Redcross officials at the scene of gas leak/KRCS


Scores hospitalised after Nairobi suburb gas leak

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 28 – Shauri Moyo estate in Nairobi has been sealed off after a poisonous chlorine gas leakage near the landmark Kamukunji grounds.

The leakage emanated from a scrap metal yard after a worker there tried to open a drum that contained the chlorine.

Police officers evacuated the area as more than 20 people were rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital to receive treatment after inhaling the gas.

Police, Red Cross and fire fighting personnel were kitted with gas masks as they battled to stop the leakage.

The Kenyatta hospital said 30 people were admitted there.

The National Environment Management Authority said the situation had been contained as at 3.30pm but advised residents to ensure their windows remained open.

Shauri Moyo Adventist School which is situated near the scene of the chlorine leak was evacuated and the pupils taken to the Pumwani Social Hall.

Authorities are cautioning people not to approach the general Shauri Moyo vicinity until the leakage has been fully contained.


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