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NCCK lashes out at lethargy

LIMURU, Kenya, Sep 21 – The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has reprimanded the country’s political leadership in the wake of the many difficulties that have recently gripped the country.

After a two-day meeting at the Jumuia Conference and Country home Limuru, the Executive Committee of the NCCK led by Chairman Reverend Dr Charles Kibicho and General Secretary Canon Peter Karanja delivered a damming verdict on the leadership that in the recent past has seen, the cost of living go beyond the reach of many Kenyans, fire tragedies and traffic accidents, and illicit brews that have claimed the lives of many Kenyans not withstanding the dwindling value of the shilling against the dollar.

“We are concerned over the difficult times that the country is going through. The outlook of life in Kenya is extremely gloomy and the living conditions of our people are getting from bad to worse. We in a short span of time moved from the crisis of drought and famine and entered into fatal floods. The Inflation rate continues to rise and the falling value of the Kenya shilling coupled with scarcity of commodities has shot the cost of living beyond the capacities of most Kenyans,” read a statement from the NCCK

“It is a mockery for the leaders to mourn and complain while other disasters in waiting as highlighted by the media continue gaping on us. The executive arm of government must take responsibility for the continuing road carnage in particular which is fed by corruption in the traffic Police department and no heads have yet rolled on its account,” the clergy charged.

The NCCK said that the recent Sinai fire disaster, the road carnage and the deaths from illicit brews were a big sore on the psyche and dignity of the nation, but that the failure of the leadership was not an excuse for Kenyans to break the law or engage in dangerous activities, those that undermine the welfare of the nation.

“The tragedy of these deaths which our leaders have collectively mourned is that they are needless. They are in every instance the result of the failure of the administrative, law enforcement and political authorities to fulfill their mandate and responsibilities,” read the verdict of the church.

The NCCK has further challenged Kenyans to take their leaders to account to give them more concrete action on how they are dealing with the challenges facing Kenyans and the reasons why they are currently unable to resolve these challenges. The church leaders have also urged voters to vote wisely for a new crop of leaders in the next general election.

Kenyans should seriously consider trying new faces that have not lied to us before. It is also clear that the circumstances we are facing require that a mechanism be found to help all Kenyans participate in economic activities and to develop sustainable livelihoods. This will ultimately restore their dignity and insure them against suicidal behavior like the consumption of lethal brews.

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Although the NCCK commended MPs for passing crucial laws that give effect to the Constitution by the August 27 deadline, it has urged the yet to be constituted Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, the Kenya Revenue Authority and the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission not to clear for elections next year “any person who uses taxpayers’ money to pay their own taxes or is complacent in the face of theft of public funds.”

The NCCK also expressed concern at the recent decision by the Cabinet to push for amendments to the Constitution and asked MPs not to be used to mutilate the constitution.

“You (the President and the Prime Minister) told Kenyans it was good and the little that was offensive was negligible, why the change of heart? If you cannot implement the Constitution Kenyans passed, do the honorable thing and resign and allow Kenyans to elect a government willing to do so,” the statement said.

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