MPs summon Mutula, Nyachae over Bills

August 2, 2011 2:36 pm

, L-R Mutula Kilonzo, Charles Nyachae and Amos Wako/ FileNAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 2 – Members of Parliament on Tuesday summoned Constitutional Affairs Minister Mutula Kilonzo, the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution Chairman Charles Nyachae and Attorney General Amos Wako over a delay in forwarding 15 crucial Bills on implementation.

The Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee (CIOC) said the Attorney General has seven Bills, CIC five Bills, four Bills were still pending in Parliament while three remained undeveloped.

CIOC Chairman Abdikadir Mohammed said they were considering asking the House Business Committee to extend Parliamentary sittings to allow the House to meet the August 27 deadline of enacting the laws.

He said they wanted the Bills published by next Thursday.

Parliament is racing against time to pass the Bills that directly touch on the implementation of the new law before the August 27 deadline.

The CIOC has also called a crisis meeting this Thursday with the CIC, the AG and the Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister over delays in publishing the Bills.

“We intend to meet with these institutions on Thursday so that we can agree with them how these Bills can be published by next week so that we have at least three weeks for processing in Parliament,” said the CIOC chairman.

He said many of the Bills are the product of long consultations by task forces and commissions and would therefore not require much debate in Parliament.

“Many of them are in excellent form as we speak right now and they are somewhere in the pipeline, and that is not good enough for us anyway,” said Mr Mohammed.

The House Business Committee, which determines the order of business in Parliament, will be requested to extend sittings by six hours on each parliamentary day.

Mr Mohammed said the extension of Parliament’s sitting hours could result in sessions going to Saturday as well as the late nights as often done in critical times.

Meanwhile, the Mandera Central MP said the committee would also formally discuss with the CIC their interpretation of the laws and the incidents where they have clashed with Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo.

“This leads to the wrong impression on the implementation process; that it is managed by people who are always quarrelling, always hold divergent views and are at every time at each other’s necks. We don’t think it’s the appropriate way to do things,” said Mr Mohammed.

There have been concerns that the bodies charged with the implementation of the Constitution appear to be constantly at loggerheads over the implementation.

The Independent Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Bill, The Commission on Revenue Allocation Bill, The Police Service Bill, The Police Service Commission Bill, The Independent Policing Oversight Authority Bill, The Ratification of Treaties Bill and the Employment and Labour Relations Bill are with the AG/Cabinet;

The CIC is currently handling the following Bills including the Elections Bill (CIC forwarded to AG by August 13), The Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Bill (CIC to forward to AG by August 5), The Kenya Citizens and Foreign Nationals Management Service Bill (CIC to forward to AG by August 5), The Public Financial Management Bill (CIC to forward to AG by August 11) and The Urban Areas and Cities Bill (CIC to forward to AG by August 5)

The Environment and Land Court Bill, System of Courts, The Power of Mercy Bill is the Bills which are yet to be received by the CIC.

The Kenya National Human Rights Commission Bill, The National Gender and Equality Commission Bill, The Commission on Administrative Justice Bill and The Political Parties Bill are currently before Parliament.


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