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All Kenyans in the UK safe

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 11- The government on Thursday said that all Kenyans living in Britain were safe and that none of them had been affected by the week-long violence sparked by the killing of a 29-year-old man by London police.

Government spokesman Alfred Mutua said the Kenyan High Commission in London had confirmed that no Kenyan had been injured or directly affected by the violent riots that have been characterised by property destruction and wanton looting.

Dr Mutua said that the government had been closely monitoring the situation, which has seen more than 850 protestors arrested, and that there was no need to issue a travel advisory as the situation was normalising.

“I just had a conversation with the Foreign Affairs minister over the situation in London, Manchester and others and things seem to be improving.

We’ve also heard assurances from the United Kingdom government that everything is under control,” he said.

The riots started in London before quickly spreading to other cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool as well as the Midlands.

The riots forced British Prime Minister David Cameron to cut short his holiday and recall Parliament to address the crisis.

Mr Cameron explained that the British government would put in place several intervention measures that would ensure a repeat of the protests did not recur.

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“As I said yesterday there’s no one step that can be taken. We need a benefits system that rewards work and is on the side of families, we need more discipline in our schools,” he said.

“We need action to deal with disruptive families and a criminal justice system that scores a clear and heavy line between right and wrong,” he added on Thursday.

Mr Cameron also announced that traders who had lost property through the protests would be compensated by the government and that insurance companies would also hasten the processes of compensating individuals for any damages.

“The (UK) government will ensure that the police have the funds they need to meet the costs of any legitimate claims. And whereas normal claims must be received within 14 days we will extend the period to 42 days,” he said.

“The Association of British Insurers said they expect the industry to be paying out in excess of 200 million pounds and they have assured us that the claims will be dealt with quickly,” Mr Cameron said.

Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto on Wednesday asked for a ministerial statement on the London situation.

In the statement he wanted to find out whether the government had considered issuing a travel advisory to Britain.

Foreign Affairs assistant minister Richard Onyonka said he would issue the statement next Tuesday.

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