Surrender illegal wealth, but with interest

July 19, 2011 5:01 pm

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 19 -The Kenya Anti Corruption Commission KACC will on Wednesday publish a request to all those who want to take advantage of amnesty provisions of Section 25(a) of the Anti Corruption and Economics Crime Act.

Those willing to take up the offer are required to fully disclose and declare the wealth illegally acquired and pay it back with an extra 12 percent of the value of the wealth, in return for amnesty.

According to KACC Director PLO Lumumba, not all cases will warranty amnesty, but those that pass the test as set out in the law will be considered.

“This is an offer that we are making to Kenyans that have illegally or improperly acquired money or property.  Once you give us the list of property then we will publish the names in newspapers and invite Kenyans to raise objections,” he told journalists at Integrity Centre.

“Not all every applicant will qualify.  Each case will be considered on its own merit,” Dr Lumumba said as he assured that the disclosure of illegally acquired wealth and property will be done in an open manner.

“Once you give us the list (of illegally acquired assets) then we will use it to track your other assets either registered in the name of your spouse, relatives or companies in which you have got interests. If you think that you have stolen Sh1 billion then you will declare Sh100,000 and celebrate then you are in for a rude shock,” he further stated.

Dr Lumumba also said that the corruption cases going on outside the jurisdiction of Kenya will proceed regardless of the step taken by the anti-corruption body to offer amnesty.

“The amnesty law will only be published tomorrow, but cases arising out of a jurisdiction other than ours will proceed despite this offer,” he elaborated.

The applications for amnesty will be directed to a five-member amnesty committee led by the Deputy Director of KACC Dr John Mutonyi who also heads the investigation and asset tracing directorate.

The moneys collected in the process of restitution will be forwarded to the consolidated fund.

The request will be in force for up to 60 days but the commission is mandated to publish more requests as and when it deems fit.

Meanwhile, the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission Advisory Board has forwarded names of Ms Irene Keino and Mr Charles Wambugu to Parliament for consideration as part of the group that will vet commissioners as required by the Independent Boundaries and Elections Act.

The chairman of the KACC advisory board Erick O’mogeni while announcing the names, said that the commission had faith in the ability of the two officers as products of a transparent selection process.

The seven member selection panel will also include two nominees each from the office of the president and the prime minister and another two each from the judicial service commission and the professionals association of East Africa.


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