Cabinet okays stringent GMO imports

July 14, 2011 3:43 pm

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 14 – A Cabinet meeting held on Thursday resolved to authorise millers to import genetically modified maize for production into flour to help curb the food crisis in the country.

The Cabinet, which is the government’s highest decision making organ, however imposed a strict management of GMO food imports.

“The Cabinet agreed that only millers will be allowed to import GMO maize. That GMO maize must be for production into flour,” a statement from State House said.

“No GMO maize should be used as seeds under any circumstances,” the statement added.

It said the Cabinet had agreed on the use of flour produced from GMO maize to be clearly labelled as a product of GMO maize.

“This information should be marked for consumer’s knowledge,” the State House statement added.

The Cabinet stressed that any GMO food coming into the country must be certified by the National Biodiversity Authority.

“Importers flouting any directions from the authority will be dealt with in accordance with the stipulated rules,’ the statement warned.

The Cabinet also approved the expenditure of some Sh9 billion to provide for food supplies to Kenyans hard hit by the ravaging drought in the country.

Of the money approved, Sh5 billion will be withdrawn from the contingency fund and a further Sh4 billion to be re-allocated from existing ministerial budgets, in order to meet the purchase of emergency food supplies.

Constitution Bills

The PPS statement said Thursday’s Cabinet meeting had also approved four Bills related to the implementation of the Constitution.

They include the Political Parties Bill 2011 which provides for the freedoms of the citizens to enable Kenyans exercise their political rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

It also provides for the regulation, legislation, supervision, dispute resolution and management of political parties. It also establishes the Political Parties Fund and provides for the disbursement and audit of monies from the fund.

Commission on Administrative Justice Bill 2011: “The Bill provides for a legal framework to deal with unlawful, oppressive, unfair and unresponsive official conduct,” the statement said.

“The Commission to be established will investigate all matters of public administration.”

National Gender and Equality Commission Bill 2011: “The commission to be established under this Bill will act as the principal organ that will ensure gender equality and equity in the country,’ the statement said.

Kenya National Human Rights Commission Bill 2011: The Bill provides the legislative framework that will ensure the respect and observance of human rights in public and private institutions.


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