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Iteere pokes holes into Mwau’s car shooting

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 24 – Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere is now poking holes into a shooting incident involving a car belonging to Kilome MP Harun Mwau, saying it could have been stage-managed.

The alleged attack on Mr Mwau\’s vehicle occurred two weeks after the MP claimed in Parliament that his life was in danger after being named by US President Barack Obama as a drug kingpin.

Mr Iteere who inspected the car at the Central Police station said it was not possible for six shots to be fired at the right hand door and fail to hit the driver, if he was in the vehicle at the time it was shot at on City Hall Way on Thursday night.

"It is not practical at all! When you look at the entry points of the bullets it does not match with the exits. It is not possible at all," Mr Iteere said.

The driver and bodyguard of the former Assistant Minister for Trade had claimed that they were attacked at about 10pm near Garden Square Restaurant while heading to the Intercontinental Hotel to pick their boss.

"The theory the two are giving is puzzling. When you look at the way the bullets hit the door and the one that hit a handbrake inside the vehicle, and the two shattered the window of the driver\’s seat, you are left with a lot of questions. The whole theory defies our knowledge of ammunition reactions," he added, as he showed journalists the bullet holes.

The vehicle has four bullet holes on the driver\’s door on the right side, but none of them exited on the other side. Other than a bullet mark on the hand brake and another hole on the right side, it remained unclear where the other bullets exited.

"If the two occupants were in the front seats as they claim, and there were six bullets fired at the car from the driver\’s side, there is no way one or both of them could have escaped without injuries of whatever nature," Mr Iteere said and ordered detectives at the station to thoroughly interrogate the two during the investigations.

The Police Chief who was accompanied by other senior police officers asked Mr Mwau\’s driver who was at the station to sit in the vehicle and demonstrate how he could have escaped unhurt.

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An independent  check revealed that shattered glasses lay on the road on City Hall Way where the attack allegedly occurred.

On Friday, Mr Iteere told journalists that detectives would also interrogate Mr Mwau as part of the investigation.

"I have not spoken to him personally but the detectives are definitely going to contact him," he said.

Mr Mwau\’s vehicle which had the window on the driver\’s seat shattered was parked at the Central Police station for the better part of Friday.

"After looking at this vehicle and listening at what I have told you, I leave the rest to your imagination. Let\’s leave the remaining part to the investigators," said the police boss.

Mr Iteere told journalists that detectives had also questioned a man and a woman who were in a vehicle that was involved in a slight accident on City Hall Way during the commotion.

"Mr Mwau\’s driver and his bodyguard have told us that when they heard the bullets, the driver lost control of the vehicle and it slightly damaged another vehicle which was ahead of it. The people who were in that car have recorded a statement with us and they are valuable in this investigation," he said without revealing the contents of the statements recorded by the occupants of the other vehicle.

Mr Mwau\’s driver and the bodyguard who is usually armed spent the better part of Friday recording statements at the Central Police station.

Mr Iteere said they were puzzled more particularly because "there were no cartridges found at the scene of the shooting."

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"Other than one cartridge that was recovered inside the vehicle, no other cartridge has been recovered. This raises more questions than answers," he said.

Detectives analysing the vehicle at the Central Police station said several questions had arisen after analysing the vehicle.

"One of the questions we are asking ourselves is why the bullets appear to have entered straight to the vehicle yet it was said to have been in motion. We expect in such scenario to have bullets enter in a slanting angle and they could not be lumped up together because the vehicle was moving," one detective said on condition of anonymity.

After claiming that his life is in danger, the Kilome MP was assured of an additional security by the Police Commissioner himself after visiting him in his office earlier in the week.

"Mr Mwau came to my office on Monday or Tuesday and I assured him that he will get more security, in fact we gave him a chance to choose which officers he wanted deployed at his disposal and he gave us a list of officers. I assure him the officers will be sent to him," Mr Iteere said but declined to state the additional number of police officers deployed to guard the wealthy politician who is in Us President Barack Obama\’s list of drug kingpins.

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