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Exodus of young professionals irks KACC boss

NAIROBI, Kenya Jun 18 – Kenya Anti corruption Commission {KACC} Director PLO Lumumba has challenged the youth in Africa to explore the vast natural resources in the continent to their advantage and that of their countries.

Dr Lumumba who was the chief guest at the 33rd graduation ceremony of the Daystar University at their Athi River campus, noted that many youth graduating from local universities still flock the international market for jobs instead of using their expertise in their mother countries.

"Only Africans haven\’t realized the potential of their continent, I still see our young men and women seeking the mighty Green card, some swimming and drowning across the Mediterranean while everybody is falling over themselves coming to Africa," he observed. 
"This is a moment when we must liberate the continent from the chains of doing nothing and lamentation without action."

He said that this has made other countries to benefit at the expense African countries in the guise of helping them grow and develop.

"If you go to any African country the Chinese know that this is a land of gold and are there doing things, the Europeans also know that, but there is a sense in which we Africans do not know that," he added.    
Over 900 graduands from 13 African countries and one from the United States of America were conferred with diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate certificates at the ceremony as well as the first group of postgraduate students from the Daystar University Mombasa Campus.

The graduation which was held under the theme, "Enhancing Peace: Realizing our African Dream" captured the direct relationship between peace and development and was driven by the post-election violence of 2007 and upcoming national elections in 2012.

The students selected the theme to challenge the nation to continue in the fight for peace and the hope of a cohesive Africa recognized as a business partner and not the world\’s poorest and most underdeveloped continent.

Dr Lumumba also challenged the youth to be agents of peace and change. He told the graduates to be bold and in the forefront demanding for better governance and keeping their governments in check.

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He cited inspiration from Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26 year old vegetable cart vendor who burnt himself to death expressing frustration at the failure of the regime of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in creating employment for the youth despite their high academic credentials.

The resultant revolution in Tunisia then spread to other Arab countries experiencing similar problems under long time dictatorial regimes.

"You must go out and rebuild the \’walls of Jerusalem\’; we must be brave like Biblical Daniel, go into the fire of unemployment, the fire of ethnicity and the fire of corruption," he challenged exhibiting his oratory prowess. 

He said that the continent looks upon its majority population of the youth to solve internal problems. 

"Africa is calling upon its young people to interrogate themselves to ask why it bleeds at its horn in Somalia, why it bleeds at its heart in Abyei in Sudan, in Tripoli and Benghazi.  Go out to the world not to amuse the world, there are too many clowns already, go out and amaze the world in the name of God." He told the graduates.

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