Bin Laden is dead, meet the rest of Al Qaeda

May 2, 2011 12:00 am

, PARIS, May 2 – Osama bin Laden, killed on Sunday, is survived by high-ranking leaders and supporters of his Al-Qaeda militant movement. Here are profiles of the top 10 at large, according to media and Western intelligence.

Ayman al-Zawahiri

Age: 60

Country of origin: Egypt

Suspected location: Pakistan

Role: Bin Laden\’s right-hand man and co-founder of Al-Qaeda. An Egyptian doctor who met bin Laden in Afghanistan where they were fighting the Soviets and went on to help recruit militants and shape the Al-Qaeda network.

FBI reward for capture: 25 million dollars

Seif al-Adel

Age: about 50

Country of origin: Egypt

Suspected location: Pakistan or Afghanistan

Role: Al-Qaeda\’s top military leader. Accused of involvement in the attacks on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Like Zawahiri, a former member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

FBI reward: five million dollars

Fazul Abdullah Mohammed

Age: about 40

Country of origin: Comoros Islands

Suspected location: Somalia

Role: Al-Qaeda\’s leader in East Africa, a hotbed of Islamist instability. Like Adel, suspected of the two embassy attacks in Kenya and Tanzania. Suspected of links to Islamists in volatile Somalia.

FBI reward: five million dollars

Anwar al-Awlaqi

Age: 39

Country of origin: United States

Suspected location: Yemen

Role: US-born Yemeni radical preacher, suspected of being one of the leaders of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and of instigating a string of attacks against the United States.

Reward: not listed by FBI

Adam Yahiye Gadahn

Age: 32

Country of origin: United States

Role: Californian convert to Islam, dubbed Al-Qaeda\’s "American spokesman." Author of numerous online calls for anti-US attacks. Accused by US authorities of treason, "terrorist activities" and supporting Al-Qaeda.

Reward: one million dollars

Suleiman Abu Ghaith

Age: 46

Country of origin: Kuwait

Suspected location: Yemen

Role: Radical preacher who served as close aide to bin Laden from 2000 in Afghanistan and leading spokesman for Al-Qaeda. Stripped of Kuwaiti citizenship in 2001 for alleged links to the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Reward: not listed

Fahd Mohammed Ahmed al-Quso

Age: 36

Country of origin: Yemen

Role: Suspected current leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Wanted by United States for allegedly organising deadly attack against American vessel USS Cole in Gulf of Aden in 2000.

Reward: five million dollars

Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah

Age: late forties

Country of origin: Egypt

Role: Adel\’s suspected number two in Al-Qaeda in East Africa, also accused of role in the Kenya and Tanzania bombings.

Reward: five million dollars

Nazih Abdul-Hamed Nabih al-Ruqi, alias Anas al-Liby

Age: 47

Country of origin: Libya

Role: Wanted for US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

Reward: five million

Ali Saeed Bin Ali al-Hooriyeh

Age: 46

Country of origin: Saudi Arabia

Role: Wanted for truck bombing of Khobar Towers military housing complex in Saudi Arabia in 1996, which killed 19 US military personnel.

Reward: five million dollars

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