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Prof James ole Kiyiapi, ready to serve

NAIROBI, Kenya Apr 10 – The 2012 General Eection is set to see the emergence of a youthful crop of leaders who want to change the country’s style of management.

Among those who have expressed interest in vying for the presidency is Education Permanent Secretary Professor James Ole Kiyiapi and Saboti Member of Parliament Eugene Wamalwa.

Although Prof Kiyiapi has not publicly declared in political rallies or such public fora, Mr Wamalwa has openly vowed that his name will be in the ballot next year.

The Saboti MP has held a series of rallies in various parts of the country, particularly in his Western province backyard where he expects to marshal massive support.

Capital News has reliably established that Prof Kiyiapi is in the process of assembling a secretariat and has engaged renowned experts to draft his manifesto.

In a recent exclusive interview with Capital News, we had a chance of probing the distinguished academician on his mission to become the country’s Chief Executive.

“I am not new to leadership, I have held various positions in government and I am confident that I am capable of leading and transforming this country to a better future,” he said. “A future where each and every Kenyan will have a chance to play a role in developing this nation. It will be an all-inclusive mode of leadership.”

Prof Kiyiapi said he has come up with a model perspective of development he refers to as ‘The Torch Model.’

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In this model, he said, “the leadership holds the torch, gives direction to the people, creates institutions, builds their capacity and ensures they function to serve the people. Leaders also take care of the natural capital for the welfare of the people.”

“This way we will be able to ensure the leaders are held into account for each and every aspect of their leadership,” he said.

The Education PS told Capital News that he intends to introduce “a totally different style of leadership in the country.”

“I am very well prepared, when I say I am going for the top job, I know what I am talking about. It is not mere rhetoric,” he said and revealed that he will hit the ground for an aggressive campaign when the right time comes.

Asked if he feared losing his job for expressing interest in the presidency while serving in the government, the former Moi University don said “which part of the law have I contravened? I have always complied with the laws and regulations governing my position in government.”

“I am not campaigning; I have just stated that I intend to run for the presidency in 2012 which is actually next year. What is wrong with that,” he posed.

When we sought to know which political party he will identify himself with, the soft spoken Professor said “all these are issues we are working on, it will be unveiled at an opportune time.”

Professor Ole Kiyiapi said he has studied the country’s style of leadership management over a long period of time and came up with a conclusion that the people of Kenya must be made to believe in themselves.

“The true measure of leadership is how we cause people to believe in themselves, and inspire them to have a reason and motivation to want to work harder to better their lives,” Professor Ole Kiyiapi said.

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“It\’s most basic attributes are empowerment, unambiguous stand on issues of personal and public interest, and whose every action is as important as the outcome,” he adds.

If elected to become Kenya’s fourth president, Prof Ole Kiyiapi is keen to ensure the people are economically empowered to be able to develop their country.

“This is the power line of development and comprises of all nations resources that the leadership should direct their equitable use and distribution, enact policies to preserve them and build their growth capacity for the well being on every citizen and the broader national development agenda,” he stated and added that “Leaders are trustees of a nation’s natural capital which must be safeguarded.”

Prior to his post at the Education portfolio, Prof Kiyiapi served as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Medical Services and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources before that.

He has previously worked as the Country Director for the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). He also taught Environment Policy, Land Use Planning and Institutional Analysis in the School of Field Studies which is affiliated with Boston University.

He has published over 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented at many key international conferences and meetings.

He taught at Moi University between 1994-2006 and rose up the ranks to position of Associate Professor in 2004.

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