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Prayers ahead of Uhuru trip

NAIROBI, Kenya Apr 5 – Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Eldoret North MP William Ruto and about 50 MPs allied to them held the last round of prayers on Monday before they embark on their journey to The Hague.

The prayers which took place at the Gatundu Stadium were also attended by former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta, who spoke for the first time about the summonses issued to the six Kenyans by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

During the event Mr Kenyatta reiterated the need for everyone regardless of tribe or racial background to unite and strengthen the country.

“Some people have portrayed my efforts to unite the (Kikuyu) community as tribal, but I believe that charity begins at home. I have no doubt that if we can work together we will be able to forge relations with our brothers from North Eastern, Eastern, and Rift Valley and even in Nyanza Provinces,” he said.

He added that the efforts had began to bear fruit citing his working relationships with north rift MPs which he said was also being reflected in the ground where Kenyans have decided to reconcile and work together.

“I am satisfied that the peace I’m seeing across the county is the peace we have working for since 1992, and if that is peace that is taking us to The Hague, even if they lock us up for  100 years I will be  at peace knowing that we left Kenyans living as a united nation.”

“I am sure that once we achieve that unity, the victory we will have will not be for an individual but for as all as a nation.”

The Deputy premier who had earlier received blessing from his Mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta said that Kenya must look to addressing challenges that are affecting the youth such as the high rate of unemployment.

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William Ruto, who also attended the meeting, said Kenyans should not be distracted by the ICC issue, saying that the country still had many challenges that must be addressed in order to forestall a repeat of the 2008 chaos.

He also paid tribute to President Kibaki, whom he described as a national leader whose work can be seen across the country.

“Even though I did not vote for president Kibaki, but let me give credit where it’s due, there is no part of thise country where he has not made an effort to improve the infrastructure, especially the road network.”
“You know those who are hardworking and you also know those who are full of tales, ,but the choice is for you to decide.”

Saboti Legislator Eugene Wamalwa on his part downplayed the prominence the ICC Prosecutor was being given saying other avenues of bringing peace should be explored.

Others who spoke include assistant minister Mwangi Kiunjuri who said that the ICC experience will give them an opportunity to access the need for the grand coalition government.

“When we come back we will have decided, whether we still need a government that operates as two governments or we will have one government,” he said.
He said that they will push for the implementation of all the reform laws especially those touching on setting up the electoral body.

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