UoN students take over streets again

March 30, 2011 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 30 – University of Nairobi students took to the streets for the second time on Wednesday afternoon after a brief lull, to continue protests over a missing colleague.

The students had confronted motorists earlier in the day but retreated after engaging the police briefly in a standoff.

Their action caused a massive traffic snarl up and was expected to cause further delays as the second riot kicked off as the rush hour was picking up.

The students were decrying what they termed as failure by authorities to trace the 5th year university student who went missing on the 18th of this month.

Student leader Dennis Kiogora said university authorities and the police were not taking the matter seriously.

"It has emerged very clearly that the efforts to find the student have been minimal. The university and other concerned authorities have been handling the matter very lightly," he stated.

Attempts by Nairobi Provincial Police Officer Antony Kibuchi to calm them fell on deaf ears and they demanded to speak to Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere.

Speaking to journalists, the boy\’s father said a search to find him had not borne fruit despite all his efforts.

"When I heard that the boy was missing, I travelled from my home in Lamu and when I reached here, I found that he had been missing for three days," he said. "From that day onward I have not heard any news about him."

Concern has been rising in the university\’s main campus after the engineering student vanished mysteriously.

Peter Kamau Gikonyo was last seen leaving his hostel on Mamlaka Road on the evening of March 18 heading to an unknown destination.

His colleagues said that they had they had searched every conceivable place he could have been all to no avail.

"Even his parents and relatives in Lamu and Nairobi do not know where he is and this is very worrying," said one of his colleagues.

They now fear that Mr Gikonyo may have been kidnapped, since his mobile phone has been off since he vanished.

Mr Gikonyo\’s colleagues have reported the matter to the police and have also scoured several hospitals and prisons in Nairobi in the hope of hearing a word about him in vain.

They said that he was a down to earth boy who did not frequent nightclubs and didn\’t go out much and does not drink alcohol.

The students have made an appeal for anyone with information about their missing colleague to report the matter to Central police Station in Nairobi.

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