Sonko in trouble over studs, shades

March 1, 2011 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 1 – Makadara MP Gidion \’Sonko\’ Mbuvi was on Tuesday kicked out of Parliament for dressing ‘inappropriately’ after he entered the chamber wearing ear studs and sunglasses.

The newly elected MP for Makadara told the Speaker that he was dressed that way because he was representing the youth and told off assistant minister George Khaniri who questioned his style of dressing.

Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim threw Sonko out of the chamber and ordered him to dress properly before he was allowed back into the House.

"In the history of this House, in which I have known myself, had I seen a situation in which a Member of Parliament who is a male come in with earrings or some stuff in the ears or whatever you may want to call it," he said.

"The dress or the manner in which the Honourable \’Sonko\’ is dressed today does not depict in the eyes and the opinion and the conscience of the chair, the dignity of this House and that of an honourable member."

The 35 year old legislator received in equal measure support and disapproval from his colleagues who made contribution to the debate.

Most of his supporters accused their colleagues of being intolerant and said fashion trends are changing and they should allow the MP to follow his liking.

Cherengany MP Joshua Kutuny rushed to the aid of his youthful colleague saying: "The way of life of a Sonko (slang for a flamboyant person) is one who dresses well, by putting on stunners, studs and even spots; well lined suits, and that is what you are witnessing here today."

"There\’s nothing wrong, studs are meant for men, he represents the face of Makadara," said Yatta MP Charles Kilonzo.

But others strongly disagreed.

"In the history of this world since God created man, man has never imitated women," said Lands Assistant Minister Bifwoli Wakoli.

"Mr Mbuvi, needs to have the totality of that dressing so earrings and a skirt would be in order for him," added Youth Affairs and Sport Assistant Minister Kabando wa Kabando

But Sonko said he has dressed appropriately, saying he was the face of the youth.

"It\’s a matter of dressing Mr Speaker and I am representing the youth in this House and I think the MP (Khaniri) should concentrate on his constituency instead of interfering with me," he said.

Mr Mbuvi hurriedly removed the studs and shades as the Speaker gave his ruling but this did not save him from being ejected.

Sonko has already met the wrath of the chair, when he was thrown out of the House after he refused to apologise for a statement he made in Parliament.

Controversy seems to be stalking the youthful MP who was elected to Parliament last year, in a by-election in the city constituency.

The MP is facing a number of court cases involving fraud.  He has also been investigated over claims over drug related crimes but he claims he is a clean man and blames his woes to his political detractors.

Internal Security Minister George Saitoti tabled a report in Parliament three months ago in which Sonko is listed as one of the high profile persons being probed over links to trade in narcotics. The claim followed a dossier US ambassador Michael Ranneberger handed over to Government.

Prof Saitoti has since tabled another police report in the House in which the Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere said there was no evidence to link Sonko and the other three MPs to drug trafficking.

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