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Lucy Kibaki slams Kalonzo over WikiLeaks claims

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 25 – First Lady Lucy Kibaki has now hit out at Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka over allegations attributed to him in leaked US diplomatic cables that she does not reside at State House.

In a statement from State House Nairobi, Mrs Kibaki dismissed the claims terming them "barefaced falsehoods."

"As all Kenyans are aware, I have been resident at State House where I have conducted my duties and responsibilities as the spouse of the President," said the First Lady. 

In the cables, Mr Musyoka allegedly said that the First Lady had only moved into State House when she learnt that there were night meetings taking place there.

"I also wish to inform Kenyans that no night meetings were taking place in State House. The allegation by Kalonzo Musyoka that I moved to State House to check on night meetings was false and conceived in bad faith," she said.


The First Lady added that it is also from State House that she has continued to undertake her charitable activities within the framework of the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS.

Mrs Kibaki added that the composition of the First Family was in the public domain and its integrity and moral authority was beyond reproach. 

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"Any insinuations to the contrary are unfounded and false. As Kenyans are aware, however, it is a well known fact that there are people who go around masquerading to belong to the families of prominent people in public life," she said.

She added that members of the public should distinguish between genuine family members and imposters.

The First Lady was also irked by comments attributed to the VP that President Kibaki slept on his job due to drugs administered on him.

"As Kenyans are fully aware, at no time has President Kibaki slept on his job.  Indeed, claims to this effect were never substantiated in the WikiLeaks," she said.

Mrs Kibaki reiterated that is during the current President\’s reign that the economy begun to record unprecedented levels of growth. 

"In any case, it is clearly unkind and contrary to African, indeed human values, to discuss other people\’s health and to appear to derive fiendish delight from their poor health," she said.

She called one Kenyans to engage in constructive dialogue that will take "our country to the next level rather than smear other people\’s reputation for their selfish interests."

In a quick rejoinder, the Vice President  insisted that comments contained in the secret diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks were the work of a creative mind meant to put a wedge between him and the President.

His advisor Muthui Kariuki said Mr Musyoka did not wish to give "third party rumours currency beyond their nuisance value" and is urging Kenyans to ignore and treat the claims attributed to him the contempt they deserve.

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He said the VP was a God fearing man who does not wish to engage in unnecessary contents that do not add value to the current political dispensation.

The VP\’s statement came hours after First Lady Lucy Kibaki slammed comments attributed to him in the secret cables.

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