Hassan seeks PNU support in Kamukunji

March 18, 2011 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, March 18 – ODM-Kenya\’s candidate in the upcoming Kamukunji by election Yusuf Hassan is now urging fellow members of the PNU alliance to select him when the joint party nomination process comes up.

Mr Hassan argued that he was the best candidate to represent the political coalition when the by-election is held in May 23 saying his track record speaks for itself.

He also discounted his opponents saying they did not feature as strongly as he did and that he would therefore capture the seat.

"We are part of the PNU alliance and we will be going together to ensure that the best candidate is nominated by the whole alliance. And looking at what I offer and in terms of my ratings in Kamukunji, I am the best candidate for ODM-K and the PNU alliance," he said.

Mr Hassan, who has served as the former senior advisor to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, added that Kenyans should pick legislators based on Chapter Six of the Constitution as well as their professional credentials.  

"The job of a Parliamentarian is not to build toilets or to run around arbitrating the problems of his community. His or her job is to participate in the proceedings of Parliament as well as in the development of just laws for the country," he said.

He further argued that tribal and partisan politics derailed the country\’s national agenda adding that Kenyans ought to ensure that there was no repeat of the 2007 post election chaos.

Mr Hassan noted that such a situation would undermine progress made in the country so far and also called for the speedy implementation of the constitution.

"People have reflected on the past and they are able to make a better choice. In 2007, there were no proper elections; in fact the Kamukunji elections were cancelled by the electoral commission because of violence, rigging and other irregularities and we need to ensure there is no repeat," he said.

He also promised to change the manner in which the constituency\’s development funds were managed, if he was selected. He pledged to allow his constituents to select their own CDF team so as to foster accountability and transparency.

The Kamukunji aspirant added that he would also strive to eliminate insecurity and unemployment levels in the constituency.

"We need to empower the local community to participate in the affairs of their constituency. We have to put in an accountability system which can be measured through monitoring and evaluation," he said.

The ODM-K wing of the PNU decided to field its own candidate after the larger PNU declined to give it a direct nomination for the Kamukunji by election. However the party resolved to go through a joint party nomination process to field a representative candidate.

The Kamukunji seat fell vacant after the High Court nullified Simon Mbugua\’s election citing numerous malpractices in 2007. The election petition which was filed by ODM\’s Ibrahim Ahmed dragged for three years and was characterised with several complaints.

Mr Mbugua, who had contested for the seat on a PNU ticket, wants the party to give him a direct nomination.

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