Guard joins gang, make off with Sh9.8m

March 2, 2011 12:00 am

, NYAHURURU, Kenya, Mar 2 – Armed gangsters on Monday evening raided a Nyahururu bank and made away with over Sh9.8 million.

The four gangsters posing as G4S personnel stormed Family Bank on Kenyatta Avenue at around 6.38pm where they stole the cash. It was reported that the gangsters colluded with a night guard who had just reported for duty who opened the door for them.

They later stormed the banking hall upstairs and ordered the remaining staff to lie down at gun point.

Nyandarua police chief Jasper Ombati said that the bank’s night guard was the first to brandish an AK 47 rifle and ordered the staff present to maintain silence and obey the orders directed by one of the gangsters.

“The staff first hesitated to lie down since the guard was well known to them but only realised that he was serious when he brandished a gun and they all fell flat on the ground,” he explained.

Coincidentally, Mr Ombati pointed out, this was the time that the bank’s personnel were stuffing in the day’s cash into the strong room.

He said that the gangsters confiscated all the mobile phones belonging to the staff and dumped them in a room. They later entered the strong room where they staffed the millions into bags.

“We could not exactly establish how much the cash was but we believe it might have been more than that,” he said.

However, a source at the bank confirmed to Capital News that the amount is estimated at Sh19 million since it was a very busy day.

The OCPD said that before making away with the cash, they locked all the 13 members of staff in one of the rooms.

“It was after 8.00pm that one of the staff members from Nairobi reported to us that there were bank robbers at the branch only for us to find that they had long gone,” he said.

He said that police have picked up three managers at the branch who are assisting in investigations.

“We are holding the three who are helping us with information to verify the circumstances under which the money was stolen,’ he noted.

He said that police were also on the lookout for the night guard who is still at large. Mr Ombati has now called on members of the public to assist police with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspect.

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