Top KCSE performers rejoice across Kenya

February 28, 2011 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 28 – It was song and dance at the top schools following the announcement of last year\’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination results.

Alliance High School which emerged top in the country attributed the performance to discipline and dedication among students and staff.

Principal David Kariuki said they were happy to have turned the tables on their long standing competitors such as Mangu High School and Starehe Boys Centre.

"Discipline and hard work is what gave us this performance.  We were aiming at getting a mean score of 11.3percent but we got 11.25perecnt which is still an improvement from last year\’s score of 11.1percenbt," he said.

He says the school that produced 30 students in top 100 countrywide expects better results this year.

"You can use the same tricks and still expect to excel, we must keep on changing our tact, I believe that is what has endeared us at least this time," Mr Kariuki said.

"We want to change the boys, so that they can even work harder," he added.

Seventeen year old Mutua Brian who came fourth countrywide said he didn\’t expect to score such a high grade.

"I knew I would perform but not that well," said Brian who wants to pursue an engineering course.

At the Precious Blood Secondary school in Riruta which was ranked second countrywide, songs of joy filled the air as the girls sang songs of praise for the good performance.

The school had a mean score of 11.0, a performance index of A-.

Ninety one of the 94 students in this school had a grade of above B- and above. "This has left us with a challenge to perform even better and make the school shine once more," said one of the fourth year students.

"That class had a lot of team work and they consulted a lot with the teachers and we want to be like them," said another fourth year student in the same school.

In Nyanza Province, Maranda High School in Bondo District broke into celebrations after reclaiming the top position in the province that had proved elusive for many years.

The school\’s principal Boaz Owino led the celebrations that paralysed transport along Kisumu-Usenge road.

"It\’s the hard work from the teachers and the students and the support that they have from the MP and other stakeholders especially our chairman," Mr Owino told Capital News in a telephone interview.

The school also produced the third best student in the country.

In Mombasa, there was jubilation at Aga Khan High School after the school produced the top student in the examination.

Mitchell Nyawaka Opaka emerged top in Coast province with 86.6 marks.

Nyawaka who wants to pursue a degree in medicine attributed her success to hard work and discipline.


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