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Post Mubarak era has begun

DAMASCUS, Feb 1 – The Syrian daily Al-Watan, which is close to the government, said on Tuesday that the "post-Mubarak" era has begun in Egypt, where demonstrators continue to demand President Hosni Mubarak\’s resignation.

"Egypt is living the post-Mubarak era on the popular, social and political arena as well as on the international stage," Al-Watan wrote in an editorial.

Mass demonstrations were under way in Egypt on Tuesday to mark a week since the launch of an unprecedented uprising against the creaking regime of Mubarak, 82, who has ruled Egypt with an iron grip for three decades.

"The United States dropped Mubarak not because he carried out their agenda repressing, starving and impoverishing his people, but because he failed to control and subject them," the editorial added.

It said statements by European and American leaders in response to the events in Egypt were in fact "an introduction to the post-Mubarak (era)."

"Reinstating a national regime in Egypt is not an impossible mission," said the paper, adding the new authorities have to "guarantee the interests of the Egyptian people and their hopes of social, political and economic security."


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