Annan wants Principals to tone down rhetoric

February 22, 2011 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 22 – Former UN Secretary General and Chief Mediator Kofi Annan has sent President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister personal letters urging them to tone down the rising political temperature in the country.

In a statement Mr Annan says he has keenly been following the situation in Kenya concerning nominations by President Mwai Kibaki of four key constitutional offices.

“Mr Annan has sent personal letters to the two principals appealing to them to come together in a show of unity on the nominations and reduce the political temperature, especially in the National Assembly,” the statement read.

He has also hailed the decision by the Speaker of the National Assembly Kenneth Marende terming it ‘wise’.

“He also noted the comments of the various stakeholders in Kenya as the National Assembly deliberated on the nominations and the intense debate they generated in the country, as well as the wise ruling of the Speaker of the National Assembly,” the statement continued.

Mr Annan urged the two principals not to allow Kenya’s constitutional moments to fade under the current stalemate which is degenerating to a constitutional crisis.

“Kenya turned a new page on 27 August 2010 and the momentum generated must not be allowed to dissipate. Much is at stake. I appeal to you to remember the needs and aspirations of the people for a prosperous and stable Kenya”.

His statement comes hours before Prime Minister Raila Odinga addresses Kenyans over the nomination impasse.

The PM is scheduled to give his direction at 4pm on Tuesday.

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