Wrangles over family property rash, says Kibaki

January 11, 2011 12:00 am

, KANGEMA, Kenya, Jan 11 – President Mwai Kibaki has advised families to avoid wrangles over their parents\’ property upon demise.

Speaking at Kiruri Secondary School grounds, Kangema Constituency during the funeral service of pioneer African entrepreneur and business magnate Gerishon Kirima, President Kibaki urged families to resolve issues amicably to ensure harmony in the society and country at large.
The Head of State noted that such wrangles could cause worse calamities to the families leading to uncalled losses.
Urging families to desist from selfishness and unnecessary rivalry, President Kibaki asked young Kenyans to uphold virtues of hard work and commitment to a worthy cause.
The President, who described the late Kirima as an extra-ordinary entrepreneur, said that he had known the business mogul for many years since the early days of independence particularly in city politics before he shifted to represent Othaya constituency.
President Kibaki called upon the youth to focus on undertaking ventures that could improve not only their individual lives but also uplift the communities they belong to.
The Head of State further urged the youth to form partnerships and cooperate amongst themselves so that they could uplift their living standards and contribute towards nation building.

On his part the Prime Minister Raila Odinga termed the late Kirima as an extra-ordinary man who defied many serious obstacles to build an extensive business empire that contributed to the improvement of many lives in the country.
The Prime Minister noted that an array of people from all walks of life who consoled and joined the family during the burial ceremony of the late businessman was a testimony of who he interacted with in his lifetime.
He urged Kenyans to work hard and strive to earn clean and honest wealth as testified by the late Kirima\’s business empire.
He said due to his hard work and exemplary entrepreneurial spirit the late Kirima competed alongside established Asian contactors and won tenders that catapulted him to his current position in the business world.
Condoling with the family, retired President Daniel arap Moi described the late Kirima as a principled, peaceful and trustworthy leader and a long-time friend.
Noting that his friendship with the business magnate spans since early 1960\’s the former President urged the family of the late Kirima to remain united and even to seek counsel from him or even the president himself during trying moments.
He further called upon Kenyans to unite and live harmoniously urging them to protect and build a strong foundation for future generations.
The retired President particularly asked Kenyans to strive to uphold honest lives and accept to begin from humble levels but work hard to earn wealth as exemplified by the late Kirima who began as a carpenter.
Area Member of Parliament and Environment Minister John Michuki termed the deceased as a true reflection of what every Kenyan desires to be.
Mr Michuki described the deceased as a man ahead of his time, visionary and an extra-ordinary business entrepreneur who could also offer insight into hard work as the source of wealth of pioneer businessmen.

The funeral service was conducted by AIC presiding Bishop Rt. Reverend Silas Yego who said the late Kirima was a firm believer who contributed immensely in the establishment and expansion of many churches through donation of land and financial resources.
He asked Kenyans to faithfully seek and rededicate themselves to serving God to attract individual blessings and to the entire country.


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